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  1. ThatGuyLando

    Trunk not opening from software

    Anyone's trunk not opening from the Sync screen? I've personally seen this twice but thought I was crazy. My wife told me it hasn't been openeli g for her either for a while now. I just want to know if this is a common issue or if I should bring this up in the upcoming 10k mile tune up.
  2. ThatGuyLando

    Trunk mod for more weight?

    I never really considered this but with spring coming soon (not soon enough) I imagine a lot of us are gonna be taking trip(s) to lowes/home depot to get dirt/seed/usual heavy stuff. I've noticed some people warning about weight in the trunk potentially breaking some supports? Is there...
  3. ThatGuyLando

    Incoming updates for Android/Google users? Just read that blog post and it looks like the new UI is starting to roll out for everyone, not just beta users. But something really interesting towards the end is : I wonder if we'll eventually get Google built-in...
  4. ThatGuyLando

    Charge/Departure Time Issues

    Earlier this week (after the recent Ford Pass update that broke Apple watch support), my car wasn't preconditioning, I noticed all the departure and comfort settings had been wiped out. So I reset those. Noticed this morning that my car didn't charge or precondition. Looked at my charger logs...
  5. ThatGuyLando

    Amazon on track to lose $10B with Alexa This doesn't sound good considering Ford made a whole ordeal about having Alexa built into our car's system. I'm going to assume that contracts are involved so we may end up with...
  6. ThatGuyLando

    Issues with EA Plug and Charge?

    Had a road trip yesterday and could never get the plug and charge to go through on two different EA stations. Car kept saying charger failure, and the charger kept complaining about payment declined or something similar. I ended up going to a shell charger on the first try and had no choice but...
  7. ThatGuyLando

    FordPass Points What Am I Missing?

    Was really excited to get my FordPass points because well, a 60k car should give you a shit ton of points right? Well I got 22k which sounds like a lot but then I noticed I'm bronze tier on a 3 tier system. So I got the same tier as someone who would've opened an account just buying a Ford...
  8. ThatGuyLando

    Parking Button

    Any way to override what that button does? Feels useless, would be better if it took me straight to the 360 camera when I'm parking.