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  1. Battery Drain?

    Are you saying your car battery percentage dropped by 5% or are you monitoring your 12V battery and stating it dropped by 5%? Someone more knowledgeable will chime in I am sure but I believe if you have a phantom load and drain the 12V battery the HVB will maintain the LVB. Also might you have...
  2. Dealer offered me a false lease deal and took my current Mach-E

    Please forgive me as I am not an expert here. You do not qualify for a tax credit if you lease no matter your income level. My understanding at this time; however, is that the manufacturer does and can use that to lower your lease payment. Perhaps that is what they were attempting to do but did...
  3. 2021 GT/GTPE MMEs Without HVBJB Failure - Tracking List

    I wish you had included a choice that had the HVBJB replaced with the upgraded part and had a second failure. While certainly not definitive as to how sturdy the new part is I would find it interesting just the same. I know there are some failures but it is hard to get a feel for how many of the...
  4. Munro Live interview with Donna Dickson: Mach-E Rally changes and reveals

    Well we should all know after the first of the year. I am fine with what I have but am interested to see what Ford has done. If no new part then I can not see how they can squeeze too much more out of the existing equipment but there probably is some tweaking to the power curve (there better be...
  5. This is why Ford is so cautious pushing OTAs out

    You would think there would be a voltage threshold that OTA’s would not be performed below in order to prevent these events from happening.
  6. 5 second limit explained?

    Had a Caravan myself during my soccer-mom days. Prefer my Expedition over the mini-van though.
  7. HVBJB permanent fix on 2023 Mach e's?

    Ford did upgrade the part. I am not saying it is perfect but there are few 23’s reporting failures and very few replaced HVBJB’s (with the upgraded part) reporting another failure. I understand your position that Ford should have recalled the part. Their position was that not all were bad and...
  8. Such a slow car!!!

    Personally I just use my ears which work just fine so I really have no idea how fast the indicator responds.
  9. 5 second limit explained?

    You will know for sure if he purchases a minivan!
  10. Feds free up $100M to replace unreliable EV chargers

    Surprised me that they were installed - at least they finally got all the Three Bear sites up a running. May drive it next year but use my Expedition in the winter.
  11. HVBJB permanent fix on 2023 Mach e's?

    There have been only a few reported of the upgraded part number. So yes they can still be an issue but it appears to be significantly reduced. No idea of what the failure rates are like but most of the units still being reported on the forum are pre June 2022. Not advocating a purchase one way...
  12. 5 second limit explained?

    I know what it is but like you not much use where I live due to road conditions and speed limits. I did do a run up to 100MPH on a long straight away and did see the bars kick in but it was plenty fast for me. I am confident than many speed enthusiasts can and do notice the neutering that takes...
  13. Percentage with HVJB failure

    My only concern is Ford’s tracking software is maintained by the same people who maintain FordPass.
  14. Percentage with HVJB failure

    Only thing for certain is GT’s have a higher failure rate. Other unknown is what the failure rate is for the post June 2022 parts versus previous. It appears much less but noData.
  15. Where to get a spare tire and jack for my Mach-E GT?

    You can get the locations from the on line owners manual.
  16. Departure Time Toggles On By Itself

    I would suggest if you have any settings in FordPass to clear them out too just in case the Ford servers keep resetting the settings in your car. Worth a try at least. That is certainly an odd issue and I have not seen anything discussed. The issue I have read quite a bit lately is settings in...
  17. Departure Time Toggles On By Itself

    FordPass or in car settings?
  18. Well, it happened: HVBJB Fault

    If he did not inadvertently add an extra “9” that is close to 400 miles per day of driving for a year!
  19. Updates on the HVBJB (22S41)

    None that I have heard mentioned. The reality is receiving a SVS error is actually an early warning and not a failure; however, HVBJB have then failed after that and thrown the SSN error. Majority of cases though people can drive their car to the dealer for service after receiving the SVS error.