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  1. kindofblue

    Hitch for Thule bike rack: Curt or Draw Tite?

    Hi all, I have a Thule "helium" hitch bike rack (pic here) and am trying to decide between the Curt or the Draw-Tite receivers (here). The Curt receiver looks like it might be a little bit longer and stick out farther from the back of the car. The end of the receiver needs to be at least 4.5"...
  2. kindofblue

    2023 Mach-E Premium 70MPH Range Test by InsideEVs

    I just ran across this and thought you'd be interested: on Inside Evs. 285 mi : 100%--0% at 70 mph 2023 Ford Mustang Mach-E Premium: InsideEVs 70 MPH Range Test The Mach-E proves once again it's one of the longest-range EVs in its segment. Ford dropped us off a 2023 Mach-E Premium equipped...
  3. kindofblue

    California WTB 18" Aero wheels

    Looking for a set of 18" Aero wheels (and tires) for my Premium. We're in Arroyo Grande CA. Thanks for looking.
  4. kindofblue

    Efficiency of Premium AWD w/18" vs 19" wheels

    I'm wondering what the increase in efficiency would be on our Premium AWD if we went from the OEM 19" wheels to, say, CR-1 18" wheels. Does anybody have any data on this topic? I'm well aware of the EPA stats that the CR-1 model w/18" wheels, Extended Range and AWD has a listed range of 312...
  5. kindofblue

    Service Vehicle soon 2/19 w/battery charged to 89% & blue lights on the charger

    We got the Service Vehicle Soon notice on the dashboard and in the Ford Pass (powertrain malfunction/reduced power). It had charged up to 90% (we think) overnight and was at 89% when we turned it on but preconditioning was happening too at 0800hrs. We've gotten the latest software update that...
  6. kindofblue

    OEM Charger error: Do not let the unit hang down from the outlet

    Although we got our MME on 11/5/22 I hadn't tried out the OEM charger until last night as we've got 2 other 240 chargers but I wanted to make sure this Ford OEM charger works OK. I plugged it in last night and this morning the solid yellow light on the charger was on and no charge had been...
  7. kindofblue

    Tire Rack tests OEM EV tires vs Aftermarket: Michelin and Continental Brands

    Here's two helpful reports Continental OEM vs replacement Michelin OEM vs replacement
  8. kindofblue

    Advantage(s) of Blue Cruise over adaptive cruise control with and without lane keeping?

    I've driven our 2022 MME for about a month now and have used both adaptive cruise control (ACC) with and without lane centering. I've also been trying out Blue Cruise when it's available on my driving routes. The ACC functions work well, far superior to the OEM ACC on our Tesla. The lane...
  9. kindofblue

    How to charge to 80-90% at home outside of your "locaton" based preferences?

    I have our MME set up to automatically charge up to 90% by 8am but there are times I'd like to come home plug in during the day and have it charge up to 90% and I can't figure out how to do that. Right now I can disable location based charging but then when I plug in it will start charging...
  10. kindofblue

    Good news on the fast charging front: battery-boosted EV chargers coming to Chevron, Texaco gas stations Kudos to these innovative entrepreneurs.
  11. kindofblue

    Using a Tesla Model Y OEM charger on the Mach e?

    Hi all, Has anyone used the OEM Tesla 240v charger (the one that came with the car and with the J1772 adapter of course) to charge the Mach e? Thanks in advance for your reply.
  12. kindofblue

    Coming by "convoy"?

    Our Premium was built this last week and when I look on w/Dealer # an VIN it shows the vehicle is being transported by "convoy" which I take to mean truck. I thought all Mach e's came up from Mexico via rail. See attached. Could anyone enlighten me? Thanks.
  13. kindofblue

    EV charging network plans approved for all 50 states The NEVI program will provide $1.5 billion in funding to help build EV chargers covering approximately 75,000 miles of highway across the country, as well as a total of $5 billion available over the next...
  14. kindofblue

    New vehicle delivery steps: Suggestions on paint protection

    Hi all, We'll be taking delivery of our Mach e Premium around the end of October and I'm planning on doing the initial cleanup of the exterior rather than having the dealership do it. Here are the steps I'm planning and I also have a question about the need to use "iron fallout remover" before...
  15. kindofblue

    CR report on EV range tests

    Ford just posted this and I confirmed it on consumer reports (but it's behind a paywall so can't link to it). Range reports of EVs in different temps It was nice to see that the ranges of the Mach e were virtually identical to the Tesla MY.
  16. kindofblue

    Recommendations for sheepskin car seat covers?

    Hi all, I've ordered sheepskin car covers from Rocky Mountain Sheepskins for the last several cars I've had but contacting them they said they're not making them now. So I'm seeking recommendations for other sheepskin car cover companies please. Thanks in advance for your reply.
  17. kindofblue

    Musings on how IRA bill will affect Mach e resale values, orders, flippers, etc...

    I would imagine that orders for Mach e's will increase substantially with so many EVs being built outside of the Americas (i.e., Canada--USA--Mexico). That in turn could also impact the near new (i.e., used) market for EVs and PHEVs. I also wonder how or whether this will impact people...
  18. kindofblue

    Post 5/25/22 builds who experience HVBJB (High Voltage Battery Junction Box) failures: Please post here

    As I understand it, Mach e's built post 5/25 have new HVBJBs that won't fail and leave people needing a HVBJB replacement. So I thought I'd start this thread to ask those of you who have a post 5/25/22 build and experience such a failure to post here. Please also include your model (e.g...
  19. kindofblue

    Ford Mustang Mach-E Deemed Extremely Satisfying By Owners Again

    This piece from the Ford Authority daily email digest: Ford Mustang Mach-E Deemed Extremely Satisfying By Owners Again
  20. kindofblue

    Note on pause in production of the Mach e in Ford Authority Newsletter

    I subscribed to Ford News's email blast last week and this came through this morning; the Mach-E production pause is not being blamed on a lack of semiconductors, but an unrelated parts shortage instead.