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  1. GreaseMonkey

    Goodbye 1st Edition, Hello Mediocrity

    Wow! That’s the most damaged Mach-E I’ve seen so far. Glad you’re okay. Knowing what I know now, MY seems worthy of at least a test drive, unless you’re one of the “looks like an egg” crowd.
  2. GreaseMonkey

    Bodyshop Raises Estimate from $3,000 to Almost $9,000 - Are they Full of Poop?

    To answer your question directly, I’m unaware of any body shop estimators as part of this forum. Anyone else commenting about the cost would be speculating. I agree with the two fine gentlemen that you should file with your insurance. They already know about the accident and could/ probably...
  3. GreaseMonkey

    The EV “Green” Narrative

    You still here, bro
  4. GreaseMonkey

    The EV “Green” Narrative

    Dudes, I'm stating my personal opinion and what factored into my decision. I'm not trying to convince you or anyone else. If you don't like my logic, keep moving along.
  5. GreaseMonkey

    The EV “Green” Narrative

    I don't understand your point. I test drove a MY in 2021 and it rattled like a tin can so waited for a better product. What does science have to do with it?
  6. GreaseMonkey

    The EV “Green” Narrative

    I’m an environmentalist and believe in science and facts (yes, call me old fashioned). I drove a Prius for 6 years before the Mach-E and waited for the first non-Tesla car to be released. It just happened to be a Ford. I live in a 100% electric home and have no interest in using anything that...
  7. GreaseMonkey

    Acura ZDX

    Acura has trouble making quality ice. No business going into EVs. A disaster of a company. Better stick to lawnmowers and grass trimmers.
  8. GreaseMonkey

    Holy smokes, this is getting insane,

    I recently did that. Beer, you know.
  9. GreaseMonkey

    How much do you pay for electric at home?

    I’d be curious what your average monthly consumption is per 1,000 sq foot.
  10. GreaseMonkey

    How much do you pay for electric at home?

    What you are not talking about is consumption. You might be paying a higher rate, but your consumption is probably low in places like SoCal. I have a 2,000 sq foot and my average consumption is 25,000 kWh per year. This excludes cooling cause it’s provided by the bldg. We have baseboard heat...
  11. GreaseMonkey

    How much do you pay for electric at home?

    Chicago: $0.08/ kWh delivered and taxed. I switched to market rate that changes every 5 min. Highest rate I paid was a whopping $3.70/ kWh for a few hours on Xmas due to extremely low temps, but the price can sometimes be negative late at night. The going rate here is around $0.12 and the...
  12. GreaseMonkey

    Just a heads up about EvGo, Just had a few fraudulent charges

    Wholeheartedly agree. Plus it’s much cheaper in Illinois and some other states where they charge by the min.
  13. GreaseMonkey

    Fast charging degradation?

    I’m not a battery expert, but when they compare vehicles that DCFC 90% to those that do it 10% of the time and see no difference, they can’t possibly conclude that: DCFC is okay occasionally! The right conclusion is that DCFC has no statistical significance on Tesla vehicles at all, but they are...
  14. GreaseMonkey

    Disconnected by a Rivan driver at charging station

    DCFCs should not have SoC displayed to the public. It reduces the friction quite a bit and it’s no one’s business.
  15. GreaseMonkey

    Improper jacking by Discount Tire

    Marked, but not clearly and in a very awkward position that is often missed. Not a great design choice. Some of us has stickers to show exactly where to lift and pucks to lift safely. It’s perfectly fine if you know what you’re doing, but often the techs have no clue and don’t listen to...
  16. GreaseMonkey

    Disconnected by a Rivan driver at charging station

    +1 for peeing in the charge port. Tomorrow, Rivian is opening a “space” in my block. I’ll make sure to point my schnauzer towards their door. Let’s go! I would totally unplug him and drive off. What an asshole.
  17. GreaseMonkey

    How is a GTPE at 5% SOC?

    I recently test drove a used M3 performance at a Nissan dealer and felt it was no faster than my premium MME. I later found out that the battery was at 9% SoC.
  18. GreaseMonkey

    Base Platform of a Mach E

    Careful now. The operative word is "HEAVILY": bold, underlined and all caps.
  19. GreaseMonkey

    Base Platform of a Mach E

    The question here is whether the fact that Ford used a heavily modified ice platform was suboptimal for use in a BEV and contributed to additional weight and other undesirable traits. And the answer is yes, about half of the 400 lbs weight difference between the MME and MY is explained by the...
  20. GreaseMonkey

    Base Platform of a Mach E

    Mach-E is not a purpose built BEV, plain and simple. It’s a fact, regardless of what someone’s intentions are.