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  1. Arsenic17

    Highway speed to dead stop traffic with Adaptive Cruise enabled --- do you trust it?

    Anyone else almost get into a collision every time they approach stopped traffic from highway speeds with Adaptive Cruise enabled? I dont really trust the car to stop in this scenario as it has been very close to a collision on multiple occasions. The times I have let it go from say 60 MPH with...
  2. Arsenic17

    Driver door has developed a clanking sound when pushing the button

    Recently my 2022 MME has developed a clanking sound when pushing the button to open the driver's door. Something is rubbing or scraping when the motor is triggered in the mechanism it sounds like. So far the door has never failed to open and the sound doesn't happen every time (probably 25-50%...
  3. Arsenic17

    Colorado EV tax credit just increased to $5000

    In 2022 the state tax credit was $2500 for the Mach-E and that dropped for $2000 for 2023. However, the governor just signed a new bill that bumped up the EV credit to $5000 for EV's under $80,000 with no other requirements that I can tell. This full credit should apply to the Mach-Es purchased...
  4. Arsenic17

    No sensor to disable heated passenger seats when no passenger?

    If my last passenger has seat heat on, for example to level 3, the next time it stays enabled even when seat is entirely empty? By design?
  5. Arsenic17

    Ford Options Payment Breakdown

    My Ford Options payment breakdown between principal and interest does not seem right. Basically my loan size is $43k at 3.9% and 48 months. Shouldnt the monthly interest you pay be the actual interest accrued over the last 30 days? At least roughly? $43k * 0.039 / 12 = $140 in interest for...