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  1. MacherAWD

    Road Trip Boston to Quebec City Area - advice?

    Hey Everyone, SR AWD MachE here, looking for advice on a road trip from Boston area to Quebec city in 2 weeks. We are staying in Saint George and our hotel has 2 L2 stalls. We will be day tripping to Quebec city (125 mile roundtrip). If everything is working and online seems like an easy trip...
  2. MacherAWD

    BEV Lawn Mowers, I am going back to ICE!

    My ICE mower broke recently (it was cheap from walmart), so I just used my neighbors nice EGO 57v with the 7.5a and 5.0a battery, (about $700 value). The experience was nice just like an EV, quiet, smooth, no vibration, some cool tech. But for me the battery range isnt there, and even worse the...
  3. MacherAWD

    PaaK and Android 14 (Now working)

    **Disclaimer, I am in no way blaming the Mach-E or Ford** Saw that Android 14 Beta just dropped so installed on my Pixel 6a. PaaK will not work to start the car. Phone still showed as connected, I can unlock the car and use app functions. Would not recognize to start. Restarted phone, toggled...
  4. MacherAWD

    Trunk Automatically opened on approach

    Odd thing happened today, first time, I was walking back to my car after visiting a farm for 6 hrs, my Pixel Phone was in my pocket, I didnt touch it, but the battery was at 4%, as I approached the car the approach lighting lit up, and the rear trunk opened. The weirdest thing was I had just...
  5. MacherAWD

    PAAK and Android 13

    I have been using PAAK exclusively for months now, Pixel 3a on Android 12, and it has worked almost flawlessly, rarely do I have to wake my device to start it. That said I have been using my Pixel 6a on Android 13 2 days now and PAAK is not working. I can start and control my car remotely, but...
  6. MacherAWD

    Navigation and Charging, how low % will it let you arrive?

    I took a 130mile road trip the other day, and from start the car predicted I would arrive with 13% battery. The car was insisting I charge though for the trip, because I was going to a rural location in Maine and the only public chargers were 30min away. Is there any way around this? I knew I...
  7. MacherAWD

    Approach Lighting without locking?

    Hi Everyone, I love the approach lighting, interior turning on, and the mustang logos that are projected (2021 Select), but I dont use the auto lock/unlock feature. Can this be done? Is there a specific setting for each? I use phone as key, and the approach unlock isnt always reliable, I also...
  8. MacherAWD

    Is acceleration charge state dependant?

    I know with my old Bolt, the car was faster with a 90% charge, then with a lower charge (or something to that effect), does the same hold true for a Mach-E, is it faster with a full battery, and if so, how much faster? I have an AWD Select.