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  1. Tampamike

    Road trip with brand new Mach E Premium

    This will work, …. Until it doesn’t. If you want to just roll the dice and spend zero time planning, and you lead a charmed life, then life will be great! The glitch to that plan is the broken chargers In the real world. In my own experience, it pays to do a little preflight planning, like using...
  2. Tampamike


    I think I have 3 Raptors on my block that have never seen a brick or 2x4 or a shovel of dirt on the daily drives to the office and back.
  3. Tampamike

    Holy smokes, this is getting insane,

    Don’t believe it. It’s all for show - just shipping the acid rain somewhere else. Why should anyone even bother. (Totally TIC).
  4. Tampamike

    Status - Wow - Ford app has no real time

    Hmmm, my old BMW used to show me door lock and window status. Maybe we didn’t get all of the good German engineers years ago.
  5. Tampamike

    Two EVs with front DC ports just chilling...

    I’ll help the fellow MME driver out … - a little. I had a Rivian truck block a spot that I could have used because he wanted to use the high power charger. I was left with the end spot in front of a charger that he was using on the next spot over. I expressed my displeasure, in a polite way of...
  6. Tampamike

    Foot to open rear hatch.

    The foot to open hatch thing only works when your hands are not full. I wouldn’t bother. I swear it laughs at me.
  7. Tampamike

    PowerUp 5.x Poll

    The McD’s coffee works well because it’s so frickin’ hot, you can’t really tip it up very far, for like an hour.
  8. Tampamike

    PowerUp 5.x Poll

    Yer missin’ out. It’s pretty cool. You can eat your morning egg McMuffin with both hands! AND not drop it in your lap!
  9. Tampamike

    New Consumer Report. Not bad Mach-E :)

    They should have called Tesla to see what the Range Disappointment Obfuscation Team had to say.
  10. Tampamike

    Hot single chargers in your area… 😂

    I was there a couple months ago - maybe it was Mario. Hope they don’t call.
  11. Tampamike

    Charging challenge

    We’re looking to make a road trip out west this fall. I’ve read about the RV park charging option. Question - are all the RV hookups equipped with the NEMA 14-50 plug Or is there another plug that would require an adaptor?
  12. Tampamike

    Tesla suppresses thousands of driving range complaints

    It’s not the crime, … it’s the cover-up.
  13. Tampamike

    I Test-Drive a BMW i4 eDrive 40 with M Packages

    But it has the same front end problem as the i4. I gotta like the look of my ride.
  14. Tampamike

    For EVs to become “No-Brainers” over ICE.

    My 25 year-old former self would disagree when he had a hot date on the other end - drive as fast as you can as long as you can. I’ve evolved but there are plenty of those other drivers still out there. THEY still want range and fast charges while I’m now content with 2 1/2 hour legs with a...
  15. Tampamike

    Des Moines Iowa >> to Seattle >> and Back

    Just like my father used to say, ……., it’s always somethin’.
  16. Tampamike

    BEV Lawn Mowers, I am going back to ICE!

    I left New York and bought a townhouse in Florida. No mowing and, my favorite, no blowing. The crappy ICE mower I had just wouldn’t quit. Don’t know how old it was but I ended up giving it away. The nice two stage blower got sold to the guy across the street for a fair price. The landscaping...
  17. Tampamike

    Sensor/Indicator for Charge Port Door?

    I can also attest to the fact that there is a visual caution on the instrument panel on the steering column. I can also attest to the fact that you won’t see it when you put the car in reverse to start backing out of the garage. When it hits the garage door frame, it WILL dent your fender when...
  18. Tampamike

    Des Moines Iowa >> to Seattle >> and Back

    Strange things that are maybe undocumented? Don’t know Can’t get the power connector to unlock? 3 clicks of unlock on the key fob did it for me. Got that tip from a Chargepoint operator Hadn’t heard of this before. Do you mean that you couldn’t pull the charge station plug out of the car’s...
  19. Tampamike

    Always charging to 100%

    Right. That’s what I was saying. Just plug it in with your current settings. Go to sleep and forget about until the morning. Don’t look at or change anything. See what happens. When I look at my settings, it doesn’t always look right but it always does what I set it to.
  20. Tampamike

    Always charging to 100%

    Is it actually charging past your desired percentage or does it just look like it is going to when you look at the charging details in FordPass? Let it finish charging and see where it stops. Seems to me when I look at “charging details” on FordPass while it is charging, the display seems to...