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  1. MyLittlePony2022

    Picking up an MME on Friday — What are the first things I should do?

    The second thing to do is take it to a really good detailing shop to get PPF and ceramic coating. I would have never done this years ago and would have said it was a waste of money. If the manufacturer doesn’t do it, then it not needed, etc. I here to say it is absolutely a great investment...
  2. MyLittlePony2022

    Glove box light ?

    Just wait a bit. Someone will do a hack and post it.
  3. MyLittlePony2022


    I don't want a Tesla but I don't get spending time, money and my car space to put NO YAWT. However, if that make that person happy....great. Need more happy people in this grumpy world.
  4. MyLittlePony2022

    Disconnected by a Rivan driver at charging station

    This is going to happen to all of us and it is rude. If charging is absolutely needed to be at 100% for a long term road trip, then this is very bad. I would have then disconnected the Rivian, reconnected and left a note. If not, after my blood pressure went down from taking a few deep...
  5. MyLittlePony2022

    Improper jacking by Discount Tire

    Oh, that sucks that they did all that damage. I hope your insurance company can take over, get it fixed and deal with them. Pick a quality shop. You definitely get what you pay for. I go to America Tires and try the same approach that Scooby24 does. However, the office guys are the buffer...
  6. MyLittlePony2022

    Having Puddle Lamps come on anytime you open Mach-E door

    Did anyone figure out if this could be done with forescan? I see that EV Vida has the dynamic mustang modification (i.e. the Chinese puddle lights with the galloping pony). If forescan could be modified to allow for the puddle lights come on with the courtesy lamp and dynamic pony mod...
  7. MyLittlePony2022

    Dealer says I need new rotors

    Dealers do play games with parts cost. Sometimes the Parts Dept. will sell it for less than what the Service Dept. will charge you. I have heard all the excuses of we have to make a profit, it is different department so we have to mark it up, oh that is a discounted public walk in cost, etc...
  8. MyLittlePony2022

    This MME is not a chick magnet

    The MME is the wrong car. If you want to have a magnet, this is what you should have purchased. Hell, it worked for Wayne is Wayne's World.
  9. MyLittlePony2022

    Using Uber Driving to Spread the EV experience

    @jgillmer That is very cool and thanks for what you are doing. My wife and I went to dinner last night and as we pulled up, someone was getting out of a red MME Lyft. That was the first time I have seen a MME used for Uber/Lyft. The more people that dont know BEV use them and are exposed to...
  10. MyLittlePony2022

    Don't put too much weight in the trunk!

    I went glamping this summer and loaded up the back of my MME with stuff. I was concerned about the weight so I put some small scrap pieces of 2 x 4 wood next to the brackets. They are actually the same height and act as another support means. I since have installed a different support means...
  11. MyLittlePony2022

    BMW Vision Neue Klasse EV vs. 2010 Lincoln MKZ

    I own a Lincoln MKZ Hybrid as my second car. Not going to be my first choice as BEV.
  12. MyLittlePony2022

    Mach E GT tire bubble

    If I wear these out as quickly at the stock tires, I will look for another brand. Fool me once, shame you. Fool me twice, shame on me.
  13. MyLittlePony2022

    A Poodle’s HVBJB Journey

    @HuntingPudel Sorry that you joined us as a member of the HVBJB club. Story was a great read. You did not mention and shame the dealer. Those of us in the SF Bay Area want to know who to avoid. If not DM the Bay Area thread with the dealer. I am surprised they did not try to claim the...
  14. MyLittlePony2022

    Mach E GT tire bubble

    I may have more bad news. If you drive your GTPE like most us do, your Pirelli summer tires are only going to last less than 15,000 miles. Mine got to 2/32 of inch around 10k. Too low for me so I waited for a sale at Americas Yire at put some Pirelli all season p-Zero electric vehicle tires...
  15. MyLittlePony2022

    EV charging is changing, Part 1: How automakers’ disappointment in Electrify America drove them into Tesla’s arms

    I was just reading a similar article and loved the quote. "Five years after its first fast charging station went live in May 2018, Electrify America continues to have sites down for weeks or months and other locations where only one or two cables (out of four, six or eight) actually deliver a...
  16. MyLittlePony2022

    HVBJB question I haven't heard discussed

    Hey, I resemble that remark. :cool: The reason I bought the GT PE was for the performance and I hated the rims on the GT, but that is another story. Why would you not drive (safely of course and within the legal boundaries of the law ;)) the car a bit. I live the SF Bay Area, and I cannot tell...
  17. MyLittlePony2022

    NEMA 10-30P to 14-50R EV Charger Adapter Cord

    Not sure you are going to find a pigtail for this conversion. The current draw is mismatched. Also, a 14-50 NEMA outlet has 1 ground, 1 neutral and 2 hots. The 10-30 NEMA outlet has 1 ground, 1 neutral and 1 hot.
  18. MyLittlePony2022

    Has anyone replace the door molding by themselves before?

    I scraped the fender molding on my MME GTPE. I did it right after I had all the PPF and ceramic coating put on, and I mean literally right after. If you are going to do something, do it right. I did a dumb**s thing and I did it right. Cost me about a $1000 for them to pull off the fender...
  19. MyLittlePony2022

    illuminated GT Logo

    Oh, cool that someone made a GT illuminated logo specifically for the MME. The one I put on my car was from the Mustang Coupe. If mine ever dies, I will look to purchase this.
  20. MyLittlePony2022

    cleaning pano roof

    I just use Sprayway glass (can or spray bottle) cleaner to clean my pano roof first. Get on ladder and do the drivers side front, drivers side rear and then head over to the passenger side. I do not use the traditional means of washing with soap and water since I have PPT on a portion of the...