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  1. bs1055

    Mach-E Looking at Distance to Car to Left instead of to Car Ahead (Videos Added)

    Not sure what the trigger was for the change (an update, a car wash, etc), buf for the last week or so my job 2 21 P MME has become borderline undriveable due to Pre-Collision Assist warnings. I’ve toggled the sensitivity to low but it is still ultra sensitive whenever I am remotely close to the...
  2. bs1055

    Stop Safely Now -- Not HVBJB Related (It seems)

    TLDR: Got 'Stop Safely Now' message. Doesn't appear to be related to HVBJB issue. Dealer visit on Thursday 8/11. Note: I started this in it's own thread because it doesn't seem like it's an HVBJB failure I'm going to lay out all of the different variables/facts from my experience in the hopes...
  3. bs1055

    On Vacation, Trickle Charging Outside @ high temps

    Hi all, i am currently staying at an Airbnb in FL and charging the car all day and night view 120v and a 100ft extension cord. The extension cord is rated for high temps, but I am nervous about leaving the Ford charger charging all day when the ambient temperature never falls below 90. Is this...
  4. bs1055

    Dent Doctor in Miami Recommendations? :(

    Any recommendations for a dent doctor in Miami? the inevitable has happened.
  5. bs1055

    General (Short) First Week Impressions

    Everything Works As context: I just got the MME last week after 5 months wait. I am moving on from a 2010 Jeep Liberty, so keep that in mind when reading my exceedingly positive impressions below. I've been on this forum since around the time I ordered the Premium Standard Range RWD Mach-E and...
  6. bs1055

    Charge Fault: Porsche Mobile Charger (NEMA 14-50) for MME

    I cannot get my MME to charge using the Porsche Mobile Charger that is used to charge the Porsche Taycan. I keep getting a Charge Station Fault message — am I doing something wrong? Are these chargers incompatible? Hoping im missing something silly. I am just turning the car off, and plugging...
  7. bs1055

    Wash/Wax Products

    First time I am truly going to take the car detailing seriously (without going overboard beyond my expertise) with my Premium Mach-E that should be arriving in a few weeks. I currently live in Miami and still have my Jeep Cherokee and want to use it as a tester vehicle for what I plan on doing...
  8. bs1055

    Delivery Dates Went from 10/25-10/31 to N/A - N/A

    Any idea what gives? I am assuming the car will be further delayed at this point. It was originally scheduled for end of august. Palsapp has shown it as still pending at Kansas City for about a month with a null destination name.
  9. bs1055

    Delivery Fee Question

    I have just been sent the final charges for my Star White Premium Mach-E and have gotten the below detail I was a bit surprised by the Doc & Pre-Delivery Inspection fees, I assumed that was baked into the $1100 Destination & Delivery fees included in the MSRP. Should I be wary of any of these...
  10. bs1055

    Premium Mach-E vs Route 1 Dilemma

    This is the situation. I live in an apartment in Miami with charging and my wife and I have relatively short commutes. We have wanted the Model Y for a while but haven't had a reason to ditch our Jeep for it until recently. So two weeks ago I submitted an order for a Premium Mach-E Standard...