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  1. dj_stang

    Fixing rattle in cargo area plastic grill cover

    There’s a piece of sound insulation that ironically creates a really loud and annoying rattle/buzzing sound. Just remove it and the problem goes away entirely. The process is annoying though and you have to remove a few panels.
  2. dj_stang

    iPhone 15 PAAK support

    Accessory makers get the new iPhone months before everyone else so they can make new cases, etc. I’m sure Ford and other automakers could articulate a more urgent case to Apple if they reached out.
  3. dj_stang

    Should I try to force HVBJB to fail?

    I have a hard time understanding if it’s only a design issue, or only a manufacturing defect, it seems both are required for failure. Some people absolutely murder their HVBJBs on a daily basis, and never get an issue, while others baby it and get a failure.
  4. dj_stang

    Post here if you have an active FDRS account and are willing to look up info for others

    Interesting theory, it certainly is costing them a lot in whatever CDN agreement they have with AT&T to do it this way. Why can’t they run a simple checksum with a signed package like how 99.99999% of updates happen in every other context. In fact they’re already doing it to ensure the file...
  5. dj_stang

    Ford BlueCruise 1.3 is coming soon

    You’re talking in a PowerUp thread where 2021s still haven’t gotten Frunk updates despite having been promised in 2020 to get it OTA. To T’s credit; they get updates out very fast, dog mode, camp mode, Joe mode, etc. Their product launch delays are as bad as anyone else but not their software.
  6. dj_stang

    Such a slow car!!!

    It does lag functionality if you try to change the HVAC controls. For example the only way to turn off the fan is to press the fan button, wait 3-4 seconds for the pop up to appear on the screen and then turn down. If you press the fan button then immediately rotate the dial, it will turn off...
  7. dj_stang

    iOS 17 issues with CarPlay?

    This would be amazing!! I’m suffering through audio clipping wired CarPlay because I cannot stand the 2-3 second delay with wireless.
  8. dj_stang

    iOS 17 issues with CarPlay?

    Is everyone here using wireless? For people using wired, have you noticed major clipping in the audio?
  9. dj_stang

    BlueCruise 1.3 Software Update (Coming Soon): Reminder + Tips!

    That’s the way it should be, automatic in waves but available via manual request. Or announcing that it’s released and rolling out in waves. But I do very much empathize with finding an issue, very glad we have some FoMoCo people in the forum even if it’s not official.
  10. dj_stang

    AirDesign Side Skirts

    What are the tires And how do you like them?
  11. dj_stang

    22 GT powered OFF at 60 mph while driving a mountain road

    Crazy, an HVBJB failure would look exactly like this (regen downhill, lost power) until you said you were able to start it back up with no issue once you were stopped. It still might be that and the code didn’t register to prevent the next startup.
  12. dj_stang

    Thule rails and Force XT XL roof box installed & efficiency tested

    Why was this blasted to everyone? It’s just a regular post. Did Thule pay the admins or something? edit: @Administrator can you please fix this. It may temporarily drive engagement but we don’t want people to be desensitized. Engagement seems really good as is anyway.
  13. dj_stang

    Feds free up $100M to replace unreliable EV chargers

    Half the EA chargers never get reported as down when they’re actually down. It’s the Dieselgate DNA still running through the company.
  14. dj_stang

    When or will GT/PE 5 Second limit be lifted by OTA

    The new part is failing too, so it’s not about just getting it replaced. Mine did a few months ago and I have a 2023.
  15. dj_stang

    Post here if you have an active FDRS account and are willing to look up info for others

    And also my build date is in November 22 so a little after the other GTPE. Could you please scan to see if mine has any issue as well? Last OTA was 7/14/23 with 23-PU0105-DC-CHG2. 3FMTK4SX7PMA03070
  16. dj_stang

    Post here if you have an active FDRS account and are willing to look up info for others

    Mike you’re a legend. Is there an issue with setting the schedule for something like 1AM when we have a charging schedule that starts at 12AM? I assume the pro is the 12V will likely be topped off while HV charging, but OTAs won’t be able to install while charging either.
  17. dj_stang

    The Complete DIY Guide to Updating Your Mach-E with FDRS (Alternative to Forscan)

    Realistically what would be the issue with using something like this rather than the ~$500 Clore unit. There are many units like this. Is it reliability? It seems like you could get 20 of these ready to go for the price of the Pl6100 :p. Or is there an issue with output...
  18. dj_stang

    Traffic lights changing and seeing cars on display that are next to you

    It’s pretty clear, driver has already bought the car. Passenger is a potential customer!
  19. dj_stang

    SSM 50173 - Front Suspension Noise - Front Spring Spacers - Built On Or After 26-Jul-2021

    Thanks for the pic! Did you have to look at this from the inside? The outboard side completely covers the springs by sound insulation. Wondering if they added it recently or not.
  20. dj_stang

    SSM 50173 - Front Suspension Noise - Front Spring Spacers - Built On Or After 26-Jul-2021

    Hey do you remember if you had spacers in the rear? Also have a GTPE and the front is good but I can’t even see where the rear springs are. Magneride is just dampers right? I assume it still has springs