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  1. MK_E_4X

    1st time problems

    With forum members help I troubleshoot and resolve the issues which happens with my GT. But out there are thousands customers who doesn’t have the same ability. People paid a ton of money expecting good quality product and qualified customer service. Instead of this they should spend their time...
  2. MK_E_4X

    Do you have a Personal Profiles button?

    Today wanted to rearrange my and wife profiles with memory seats position and only one way to do this was to delete and create profiles from the scratch. Really @Ford Motor Company ?!!! There is "Link memory" when creates profile? But why "Unlink memory" is missing?!! Add profile: Edit...
  3. MK_E_4X

    How To Get Failed OTAs To Install

    With @Mach-Lee support I spent the whole weekend resolving the failing update problem and finally this morning I was able to update my car. All three updates were successfully installed! 😅 Here is a brief description of the steps we did: 1. Replaced the light switch with a new one...
  4. MK_E_4X

    SSM 51696 - Headlamp Switch Replacement - Headlamps Turn On By Themselves When Vehicle Is Off

    Regularly receive notifications that new update is available, but since May no update was possible to install. Ordered new switch in hopes that will resolve the issue. Today replaced the switch assembly but with no luck. Looks like I need to visit the dealer to figure out why update doesn’t...
  5. MK_E_4X

    Tesla or Mach-E or Genesis … nah Avatar 11
  6. MK_E_4X

    Frunk Button in FordPass YAY! My Job 1 Mach-E is Complete!!!!

    Useless feature, never used it as well as a FordPass, most disappointed app installed on my phone. Lighting key fob is the best and most convenient way to open the frunk. But anyway my congrats you received this update 👍
  7. MK_E_4X

    ICE Mustang: “You’re Not My Son”!
  8. MK_E_4X

    Tire rotation, should I worry about the lift?

    The fastest and easiest way to do a tire rotation in your own garage 😎
  9. MK_E_4X

    Tire rotation, should I worry about the lift?

    Hard to tell from the picture, but if they didn’t touched the battery frame you are safe. To lift the car I use cross beam, no issues.
  10. MK_E_4X

    What brand of detailing products do you use on your Mach E and why?

    Adams Polishes. For few last years tried different brands and ended with this brand. Mega Foam shampoo, two buckets method and quick detailing spray for drying are the best way to keep my GT shine and clean.
  11. MK_E_4X

    2022 Mach-E GT - “TIE Whisper”

    UPDATE: 1. The latest update was installed last week. I read many discussions about this update and was worried, but in the end, I like it. Having a camera button on the main screen is very convenient. 2. Bought a key fob with a frunk button, love it. With a key fob, the frunk becomes more...
  12. MK_E_4X

    If not a Mach-E (or other EVs), what to buy today

    Victim blaming …. Nice 🤦‍♂️
  13. MK_E_4X

    If not a Mach-E (or other EVs), what to buy today
  14. MK_E_4X

    trunk release needs to be on dash with camera

    Auto-Hold button as well