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    Ford, BMW, Honda to Create ChargeScape, a Company Focused On Optimizing Electric Vehicle Grid Services

    BMW, FORD AND HONDA AGREE TO CREATE CHARGESCAPE, A NEW COMPANY FOCUSED ON OPTIMIZING ELECTRIC VEHICLE GRID SERVICES SEP 12, 2023 | TORRANCE, CALIF. ChargeScape will aim to unlock the full potential of electric vehicle (EV) technology through conveniently managed energy services never before...
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    Ford Expands BlueCruise Availability with Complimentary Trial, Monthly Or Annual Activation

    Ford BlueCruise Expands Flexibility with Complimentary Trial, Monthly or Annual Offers for Hands-Free Driving Tech | Ford Media Center Building on its 225,000 Ford BlueCruise-equipped vehicles on the road today globally, Ford is projected to install BlueCruise hardware on an additional...
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    Mach-E Rally Revealed! Available For Ordering Starting This Fall. [Updated With Goodwood Hill Run Video]

    Updated with Goodwood Hill run video: * Ordering for the Mach-E Rally will start this fall in the U.S. RALLY-INSPIRED ELECTRIC THRILL: NEW FORD MUSTANG MACH-E RALLY CHARGES UP THE HILL AT GOODWOOD FESTIVAL OF SPEED   JUL 14, 2023 | CHICHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM CHICHESTER, United Kingdom...
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    📈 Mach-E Q2 2023 Results: 8,633 Sales / 38,497 Produced

    Mach-E Q2 2023 Sales & Production Figures Mach-E Q2 2023 Sales: 8,633 vehicles. YTD: 14,040 vehicles. Q2 2023 sales represent a 21.1% decrease from Q2 2022. Mach-E Q2 2023 Production: 38,497 vehicles. Production (YTD): 46,238 vehicles. Ford Continues Its Sales Momentum as America’s No. 1...
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    Electrify America to Add NACS Connector by 2025, While Continuing CCS Support

    Electrify America to add North American Charging Standard (NACS) connector by 2025 Electrify America continues to support CCS-1 plug standard while adding the availability of the NACS connector Reston, VA (June 29, 2023) – Electrify America announced today it will add the North American...
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    SAE is standardizing the NACS connector – making it less dependent on Tesla

    SAE is standardizing NACS – making it less dependent on Tesla SAE is Standardizing NACS Connector SAE International today announced it will standardize the Tesla-developed North American Charging Standard (NACS)...
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    Scout EV SUV preview teaser image discovered

    Scout EV Pickup & SUV Design Teased in VW Capital Markets Day Presentation - via affiliate site Scoutevforum
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    Silverado EV Pickup Reviews Have Landed

    Reviews on the 2024 Silverado EV has just landed. Check out the list at affiliate site Review/video compilation @
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    2024 Ranger & 405hp Ranger Raptor 🦖 Debut For NA Market

    The all-new U.S. Ranger and Ranger Raptor debut! Ranger: Ranger Raptor:
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    2024 Tacoma revealed in leaked *official* image!

    Leaked official 2024 Tacoma image!! - via affiliate site Tacoma4G
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    Limited Edition Shelby Mach-E GT Revealed for Europe

    Meet the Euro-Only Shelby Mustang Mach-E GT Meet the new Shelby Mustang Mach-E GT, our first production EV and available only in Europe. Shelby American is honoring the 100th anniversary of our visionary founder's birth with a post-title package for current generation European Ford Mustang...
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    Mach-E Reservation Holders ‘Intent to Buy’ Has Skyrocketed, Says Research Survey

    A survey conducted by Recurrent Auto, first gauged customers’ intent to buy different reserved EV models in June of last year (2022) but has since been updated with a replicated survey from last month (March 2023). The survey looks at EV reservation holders and their intent to carry through...
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    2026 Scout EV Preview Renders

    @ affiliate-site Scoutevforum New Scout Electric SUV Renderings
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    Competition News: Ram 1500 REV Gets Up to 500 Miles Range

    Ram 1500 REV Specs Released! Up to 500 Miles Range, 654 HP/ 620 lb-ft, 14,000 LBS Towing, 2,700 LBS Payload @ affiliate-site Ram1500RevolutionForum
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    Upcoming Competition: 2024 Jeep Recon EV SUV — First Real Life Looks

    @ affiliate site JeepReconForum First real life looks:
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    'Project T3' Next-Gen Electric Ford Truck to be built at BlueOval City

    'Project T3' Next-Gen Electric Ford Truck to be built at BlueOval City
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    Promo video for the new Scout EV: "America's Next Shot"
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    2023 Mach-E Achieves Top Tier 'Good' Safety Rating in New Test By IIHS (Insurance Institute For Highway Safety)

    FORD MUSTANG MACH-E AND FORD EXPLORER ACHIEVE GOOD RATINGS IN NEW TEST BY INSURANCE INSTITUTE FOR HIGHWAY SAFETY MAR 14, 2023 | DEARBORN DEARBORN, Mich., March 14, 2023 – The Mustang Mach-E® and Ford Explorer® have both earned overall ‘good’ ratings from the Insurance Institute for Highway...
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    Official: Scout EV SUV to be built in U.S. at new South Carolina plant

    News via sister-site ScoutEVforum Announcement: