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  1. iNeedANameHere

    Highest Mileage Mach-E? Your experience?

    I just hit 18,000 miles on my Mach-E and it got me wondering how many miles, the amount of time owned, and any major / minor issues other people have had. For me it’s been about a year and some extra days with no major issues and just minor ones with PAAK for the first couple months (works great...
  2. iNeedANameHere

    Heads up! 1.7.1 Stuck TSB Coming (Confirmed Fix)

    Awhile back I posted about my failed 1.7.1 update. I took it to my dealership and they got in touch with Ford. A service engineer from Ford came and looked at the car and I just picked it up today. I have all the features I was missing, Frunk button, Notes app, Software version shows correctly...
  3. iNeedANameHere

    Sync says 1.7.1 is installed. No features are present from it. Automatic Updates grayed out now.

    Hi everyone. I’ve had an ongoing issue where Sync showed that version 1.7.1 is “installed” on my Mach-E I’ve had since February with 1.7.1 showing installed for over a month now. However none of the features are there (Notes, CarPlay nav in dash display, bigger CarPlay on main display, trunk...
  4. iNeedANameHere

    Dial Cracked Under Normal Use

    I’ve had my Mach E officially for 6 days now and the dial for the drive selector has already cracked. Nothing has been dropped on it or left sitting on it. My dealership has always been fantastic so I am hoping it will be covered under warranty. I saw one post on another website where someone...