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  1. Rear inner tail light cover cracked

    I started my car this morning and noticed the inner rear tail light was flickering on the bottom half. Upon further inspection I noticed that there was a hairline crack in the cover which of course allowed moisture in. I think I know the answer after searching through the forum but do I have to...
  2. His Mach-E vs. Her GV60

    Genesis makes some amazing vehicles. I love my Mach E though and would take it over the Genesis but I have much more of a sports car lean. Congrats.
  3. Door doesn't sound great.

    That’s what I figured…these guys are going to either love or hate me before too long :)
  4. Door doesn't sound great.

    So, at times my rear driver side door sounds like a pepper grinder when it opens and it will barely push the door out far enough to open it. Anyone else run in to this?
  5. Main screen flicker

    Update: Ford reached out to me and asked that I take it in to the dealer. They even contacted the dealer to set it up. It's currently there now...and I just received a "Powertrain Malfunction/Reduced Power" message on my Ford Pass. Hopefully this is just them going through some diagnostics lol...
  6. Main screen flicker

    I am. I will send you my VIN. Thank you!
  7. Dealer wanted to charge me $1400 for updates!

    While it is true that they don't have to update these, what is the purpose of having a software driven vehicle that you can't update. Either these should be available for OTA or covered at the dealership. I know that their time costs money but if you don't want to deal with that or let me do...
  8. Main screen flicker

    I have noticed multiple times that the main center screen on my Mach E will flicker some times when I come to a complete stop and then again when I accelerate. The odd thing is, that it's only the top section of the screen. The smaller tiles at the bottom don't flicker when this happens, just...
  9. Charge Port Cover Dent Prevention – 3D Printed DIY Solution

    I broke my first one of these because I installed it backwards. I had to cut it to get it back out. Ordered a second one and installed with minimal issue and it works as advertised. The door doesn't swing as easily as before but this is how it should be.
  10. Dealer sold my reserved car

    Good grief! It’s garbage like this that gives dealerships a bad name and makes me wish that all manufactures would move to the Tesla model of ordering cars. It’s sad because there are a ton of legit folks who would be out of jobs. Sorry to hear about this.
  11. Today starts Lightning Production by by $7500 Fed Tax Credit

    So, just curious, does it matter at all when you take delivery or is it just based off of the year.
  12. options/cost for raw black trim on Select ? paint or wrap ?

    I was going to start a thread about this very issue. I don’t care for the gray trim but I don’t necessarily like the gloss trim either. I would would prefer matte black. The problem is that it’s not just on the bottom of the car, if I did matte black I would then have gloss black trim, matte...
  13. Any Select Models with Bronze Wheels?

    So, I’m trying to narrow down my wheel choice and I am intrigued by a bronze wheel option. The only issue is that I have a Rapid Red Select which has the grayish cladding at the bottom. I am not sure how wheel bronze whoop look next to a black tire…then gray cladding. I think that Black might...
  14. Mach-E GTPE just arrived

    Looks great! Are the tires fine with the 9” rim? Any stretch?
  15. Mach E GT Performance

    interested to see how the Koko Kuture’s fit on the 245s. Also, great car!
  16. Taking my Mach E in for service...what FSDs should I ask for?

    Awesome! Thank you. I assume I will just get whatever is tied to the Service Bulletin Ford put out regarding the collision sensor. I have been having an issue with my tablet blinking when my phone is connected but it's not awful and something that doesn't seem tied to anything above.
  17. Taking my Mach E in for service...what FSDs should I ask for?

    Thanks, I wasn't sure how this worked and frankly, neither was the service center.
  18. Taking my Mach E in for service...what FSDs should I ask for?

    So, my Mach E has had the "Collision Avoidance Unavailable" message since it was new. I have an appointment to drop my car off while I am on vacation for a few days. I know some people on the forum have the ability to see what updates I have available from a service center...would anyone be...