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  1. SYNC reboots ... is it improving since 2021?

    There was a period of time where CarPlay was very unreliable and I had to reboot sync every drive. It now works so well I never reboot sync.
  2. Control Versions Sync?

    EV routing is a feature of Apple maps that when paired with a compatible car, Apple maps receives the battery state of charge from the car and uses that to calculate any needed charging stops. The arrival state of change is also displayed while using Apple maps for navigation. That was not a...
  3. Do you have a transponder in your car (PeachPass/SunPass)?

    On the outside of the car?
  4. Such a slow car!!!

    I'm not sure I have ever noticed the indicator for temp or volume appear as I just make the change and move on. 99% of the time I am in CarPlay and the speed of the infotainment system is irrelevant.
  5. iOS 17 issues with CarPlay?

    I had to kill and relaunch FordPass before I could get in my car. It was stuck saying Bluetooth Connecting. I am also experiencing the Connected Road Apple Maps issue.
  6. Do you have a Personal Profiles button?

    I think earlier in this thread it was stated that all that needs to be done is select the desired profile and then press and hold the desired seat number. That associates the current profile with the just set seat number. No need to delete the profiles to change the number associated with the...
  7. PowerUp 5.1.1???

    You can buy a 72 hr license for $21.95.
  8. Holy smokes, this is getting insane,

    At the moment the governor has suspended the state gas tax so gas is $0.312 or so artificially lower until October 12th.
  9. The EV “Green” Narrative

    I bought my first EV because having an EV allowed me to ride as a solo rider in the HOT lanes for free. I had been using public transit to commute and it was taking almost 2 hours each way. One day I drove and it took almost half the time but cost $35 in tolls. Then Covid hit and the world...
  10. How much do you pay for electric at home?

    I added up a year of purely electric driving awhile back and found that from August 2022 - July 2023 I was billed for 24,892 kWh at a cost of $3255 which works out to $0.13 kWh. Of the 24892 kWh used 4084 kWh were dispensed from my Chargepoint Home. Which means that the 19000 miles driven cost...
  11. Navigation preference Ford or Apple?

    Apple maps. I live in a warm part of the US and plan my DCFC around meals or shopping needed for the trip. The minutes that might be saved from pre conditioning would be wasted. If I take a cold weather trip I will consider using Ford.
  12. MachE used cars value really tanked this much?

    I don't think that is true at all.
  13. 22 Premium extended battery MME used trade/sell price is too low!!!

    Depreciation is typically 20-25% the moment you sign the paperwork and then 15-20% a year until year 5. That would put a $59k car around $44k after the first year. Trade in value would be less. The car buying services are giving trade in value.
  14. Some new Electrify America prices showed up

    I take one or two trips a year where I have to DCFC. The kWh cost to DCFC would probably have to get to over ten dollars a kWh before my overall cost of driving for the year was cheaper with gas.
  15. PlugShare and charging times

    I have found ABRP is very cautious in its default settings for the MME. Must be my driving style. I will plan my journey with it and the prediction will be to arrive at a charger at 36% but I get there at 46%. Sometimes I have seen it be as much as 20% off, always on the conservative side. I...
  16. FordPass Version 4.30.0 Released for iOS

    I disagree about your comparison to the GM myChevrolet app. I have a Chevy Bolt and an MME. The Ford app is more responsive, presents more information related to charging, and believe it or not, is more reliable. The myChevrolet app has not updated the charge status in the last 3 days for my...
  17. CarPlay GPS Issues

    I would have thought the same but have been able to fix the issue by rebooting my phone so it would seem to be at least in some cases an Apple software stack issue.
  18. YOUR default screen

    CarPlay The tiles should go completely and give more room to CarPlay. The HVAC controls should give way to more CarPlay as well. More CarPlay.