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  1. Jeffvisor

    New iOS Public Beta 17 for iPhone seems to work fine

    I downloaded the new Public Beta Version of iOS17 and seems to work fine with the Mach-e. Has other little bug issues unrelated to the Mustang but works with the car.
  2. Jeffvisor

    Job 1 Premium without working inside Frunk button. I have a question?

    I have a question I am about to make an appt for state inspection at local dealer. Almost 2 years owning the Mach-e and the Frunk button inside the Frunk never worked. I think I read it can be programmed to work and activate the onscreen button. Do you know what I need to ask the dealer to do to...
  3. Jeffvisor

    The Mach-E is a great adventure car

    I am able to pack an electric bike and folding Kayak into the car and keep the wet things in the frunk with a small cooler. Great if you want to take it on trails or use kayak on lakes or streams.
  4. Jeffvisor

    Sending destination address to the car using Fordpass?

    Anyone else having the issue of sending a destination address to the car using the Fordpass app. When you get in the car and select the address in the Nav to go to it asks you to do a U-turn and go back home. The last 4 times I used it all 4 times the first time I select it I get the U-turn...
  5. Jeffvisor

    Is my 2021 Job 1 car getting more and more buggy? I only use PAAK.

    - Seems on average its takes about 4 pushes of the button for the door to open. - often goes into guest mode and I can't get it to go back into my profile - I will then get in the car for another trip a few days later and it reverts back to my profile - often get key not detected while I am...
  6. Jeffvisor

    FordPass 4.20.0 Released

    Updated Phone as a Key setup to reduce intermittent failures.
  7. Jeffvisor

    Ford warns dealers taking advantage of F150 Lightning reservation holders

    Ford Warns Dealers Against Additional Deposit / Payment Requirements For Lightning Orders. Supports No-Resale Provisions in Purchase Contracts I wish they did this for the Mach-e.
  8. Jeffvisor

    Anyone know how to clear Fordpass Vehicle Alerts?

    My car is at the dealer for the recalls and received these 6 vehicle alerts I notified the dealer of them. Now I want to clear them in the app and remove them anyone know how? A
  9. Jeffvisor

    MSN Story about a guy selling Mach-e and why

    Mustang Mach-E Sold After 9 Months And 22,000 Miles, Here's Why ( Good point about the fact of the drop off at 80%. Especially when they don't give you access to the full battery then slow it down at 80%.
  10. Jeffvisor

    FordPass 3.34.0 just released on iPhone

    Vehicle image can be made smaller, Customers can now locate help in tile in account section, continuous quality improvements
  11. Jeffvisor

    Ford recall Notice being sent out via: Mail

    I have this coming in my mail today.
  12. Jeffvisor

    Ford needs a new kind of dealer model

    With so many dealers adding huge ADM's on the Mustang Mach-e and I am sure when the F-150 Lightning coming out dealers will abuse those customers as well. Ford should change the dealer model to punish those that do this. When there is weather emergency gas stations are not allowed to...
  13. Jeffvisor

    replacing phone that is connected to the mach-e

    how hard is it to upgrade or replace a phone that is connected to the car already. Do you have to delete old phone and redo a profile?
  14. Jeffvisor

    3.29.0 Fordpass update just released

    no notes thought just improvements
  15. Jeffvisor

    Ford Apps such as Ford/Amazon App

    Has anyone been successful at using the Ford apps such as iHeart radio or Ford/Amazon app. If so how do you start them and work them?
  16. Jeffvisor

    Would anyone else like a FordPass app on Apple Watch?

    Volvo has one and its nice you can start car, lock and unlock car, flash Lights and Horn and shows where car is on a map. Maybe add button to unlock rear hatch
  17. Jeffvisor

    Tesla releases big new software update

    Tesla releases big, new software update with Disney+, Car Wash Mode, hotspot, and more - Electrek Mach-e has a lot of catching up to do. Can't wait for some Mach-e updates. Hope they add Disney+ or Netflix
  18. Jeffvisor

    How many removed the Frunk Divider?

    Curious how many removed the Frunk divider? Anyone use coolers or other items in their frunks that others would like to see?