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    New Volvos All Electric By 2030
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    1599 miles on 15.5 KWhrs (in a hangar)
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    Mach-E now second best selling EV SUV in the US Sales of Ford’s Mustang Mach-E bounced back in August, rising 61% from last year. The Mach-E became the second-best-selling electric SUV in the US, behind Tesla’s Model Y. Although Mach-E sales fell over...
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    Meanwhile, on the positive side for EA
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    Tesla HVJB issues?

    Do Teslas have a similar issue to damaged contactors for extended high current flows through the high voltage junction box? I've never heard mention of this issue with any other EV.
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    Bad PR article for Ford v Tesla
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    The saga of the Model S motor
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    Nickel Hydrogen battery technology

    Company modifying an aerospace battery technology for use in commercial products.
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    Cable thefts
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    HVB cooling in hot weather

    Can the cooling system for the high voltage battery cool below ambient temperature? For example if my garage is at 100° F and the vehicle is plugged in, will the car's cooling system be able to take the battery temperature down to, say 70° , if that is a better temperature for my departure...
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    MME's in the Tucson area

    I'm Mike and I live on the NW side of Tucson. I generally travel on Cortaro, Thornydale, Twin Peaks, Sandario and Avra Valley. My MME is a Space White Select. I'm starting to regularly see a couple of other MME's on the road, one red and one silver.
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    Article discussing rail delivery issues for new cars.
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    Owner's experiences with Ford Protect Extended Service Plans

    Just got a brochure in the mail from Ford. I said no to all the sales pressure at the dealership when I bought my Select MME. Now Ford is trying one more time to sell me this add-on. Ok, my question for those who bought it is, have you found it worthwhile?
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    Potential 3 stages of EV battery lifecycle
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    VinFast VF8 review by INSIDE EVs

    Not very encouraging.
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    Installing EV chargers is becoming an important business for electricians
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    Itselectric new charging infrastructure model.
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    Chipotle Going Green! Adding rooftop solar panels and EV chargers
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    Pros and Cons of Tire Cleaners

    I used some tire cleaning solution for the first time a few days ago and I'm really impressed at how easy it is to get the tires shiny and deep black. Are there any negative aspects to using it? The stuff I bought was Armor All foam tire cleaner.
  20. Mrn

    Other Driver's MME Recognition Response

    Sometimes you just know another driver knows your driving a special car. Today ,while doing my normal 5 over cruising, a young motorcycle rider rocketed past me, then slowed down to let me catch up, then rocketed past again, then gave up zipped out of sight. I guess he wanted to play🏁