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  1. hbirring01

    Ford maps suck....

    I know there have been a couple threads on how to make edits to maps, but is there a way to do it from the car? I dont want to have to remember where it was wrong and then wait til I get home to make edits. I wish @Ford Motor Company would just give us integrated Google Maps or integrated Waze...
  2. hbirring01

    Which maps do you use?

    I really want to use ford navigation to get the range estimate revision and dcfc preconditioning, but it's just terrible! Makes me want to use Android auto instead :(
  3. hbirring01


    Just a reminder to @Ford Motor Company that you still have a lot of Loyal, beta tester, job 1 Mach-Es that are still missing the remote FRUNK release. Seems like you have the ota thing down now so push that FRUNK OTA!!!! Also - Everyone should tweet at Jim Farley and @Ford Motor Company: (13)...
  4. hbirring01

    Anti-Theft Software Features

    My apartment has had car thefts lately. Someone me tioned that for Tesla they can enable pin to drive. Is there sometime that for Mach-Es? Or any other anti theft options?
  5. hbirring01

    Goodbye Securialert

    Looks like it's going away :( it had potential imo. Wish it was implemented better with maybe camera pictures?
  6. hbirring01

    Can anyone confirm 100% that we have battery preconditioning

    I saw on the power up wiki page that 3.6.2 added the ability for our cars to precondition the battery while we are en route to a dcfc using the built in navigation. Can anyone confirm that this is 100% accurate? I would think Ford would have put something in the release notes but I did not see...
  7. hbirring01

    Blue cruise not working after programming a new key

    So I got my f150 lightning key fob today and programmed it. After that blue cruise stopped working. Even lane centering wouldn't work. After I restarted the car lane centering came back. After a while of driving I got the "blue cruise is available" message in the ipc. I hit the cruise control...
  8. hbirring01

    4.1.2 Dissappintment

    Job 1 2021 mme. Disappointed with not having remote drunk release. Any ideas on when to expect this?
  9. hbirring01

    Guard Mode?

    So I was looking through the capabilities section on the ios widget and saw something called guard mode. Is that a new upcoming “sentry mode” feature?
  10. hbirring01

    Cracked Windshield

    Out of nowhere my windshield cracked and keeps getting bigger! Im close to 30k miles and have not had any major issues. I already had the windshield recall done too. I have an appointment with Safelite and they are supposed to get the original windshield from what I was told. I pay 500. Has...
  11. hbirring01

    Gps issue

    Recently when I put a destination into the ford gps it says calculating for 2 minutes then stops and goes back to the normal screen like nothing happened. I have to reset sync to get it to work or if I say screw it and just drive without gps it might actually route me 5 minutes later. Has anyone...
  12. hbirring01

    Front Camera Fault & Pre-Collision Assist Not Available Errors

    I have been getting these errors a lot recently. Driving on the highway and they pop up then go away within 3 minutes. Should I have this checked out? I figured the dealer would want the car to be displaying the error message when I take it in, but it fixes itself after 3 to 5 mins of driving...
  13. hbirring01

    Android Auto Issue?

    Does anyone else's android auto appear dimmer than the rest of the display? Even during night and daytime I can visibly tell just the AA part of the screen is very dim
  14. hbirring01

    Power/Regen bar

    Will other Mach-e vehicles ever get this? I feel like its an essential piece of info. Its like the RPM cluster for us. Anyone heard anything? Any way to get it with FDRS?
  15. hbirring01

    Fix Ford Maps?

    Is there a way to recommend fixes for the Ford maps? I hate using android auto since it has so many bugs and its an additional thing that I need to do to start it. I really like Ford maps however, they are wrong a lot! Sometimes it will tell me to stay in the middle lane since that will turn as...
  16. hbirring01

    Final Steps to BlueCruise Email

    Just got an email from Ford for Final Steps to BlueCruise. They are now expanding to other EA members!
  17. hbirring01

    FordPass constantly missing info

    Is anyone experiencing this lately? My fordpass app will always display a red banner at the top stating its missing info and try refreshing. When charging my car I cant see any of the charging details at all. This just started happening yesterday. Seems like its a server issue? I have tried...
  18. hbirring01

    Ford maintenance?

    I got 38 securialert notifications for one door opening. When I hit lock in fp app it said they are having issues and working on resolving it? Anyone else experience this? Jus as everything was going well
  19. hbirring01

    Audio bug

    Has anyone experienced this? If im listening to music and then put in a destination into ford navigation the music gets really low, I dont hear the usual pay attention and use voice commands prompt, if I try to turn the volume up it just adjusts the voice prompt volume. Now I get 0 audio from...
  20. hbirring01

    [EARLY ACCESS] Got a new Survey

    Got a new survey from ford asking about what I would do in different scenarios regarding software updates. They asked about scheduling, if I would like a tutorial on connecting to wifi, would I connect to wifi if it helped my car update faster, do I use the schedule feature?