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  1. Chinese Mach E GT with no 5 second limit? What US manufacturer has vehicles with...
  2. Chinese Mach E GT with no 5 second limit?

    In terms of affordability and technology, yes.
  3. Chinese Mach E GT with no 5 second limit?

    I’m not even talking about sales, I’m just referring to technology and advancement.
  4. Chinese Mach E GT with no 5 second limit?

    I guess I can’t say I’m surprised considering Chinese EVs are destroying US EVs. The US variant would probably be laughable to the Chinese market lol
  5. Ford BlueCruise 1.3 is coming soon

    Do you believe it’s simply an issue rolling out the actual update(s) rather than an issue with hardware differences? I had thought newer model years were using slightly newer versions of the hardware us 2021s have.
  6. iOS 17 - Instrument Cluster Directions Issue

    This has been an issue before iOS 17 for me.
  7. Ford BlueCruise 1.3 is coming soon

    More than likely just due to slight differences in hardware components across different model years.
  8. Do you have a transponder in your car (PeachPass/SunPass)?

    I don’t have PeachPass or SunPass but I’ve had zero issues with the little transponder stickers we get here in Colorado for ExpressToll. We’re actually told to put them in the lower left part of the windshield though.
  9. Does this make me the first lifted Mach-E?

    I have to admit, I was a little scared for what I was about to see before I clicked into the post, but this actually looks nice and natural.
  10. SYNC navigation software corrupted

    It’s not the best, but they would not be able to take advantage of using the navigation to precondition before chargers, which is very very good to have on long trips. Not only that, 4 months of their connected nav trial is essentially gone now - I’d be pissed. @Ford Motor Company - sounds like...
  11. Why are we left out of the Elite Experience Club?

    In my experience chatting with the “it’s not a Mustang” people - they don’t really care about it being an EV, they’re just upset it’s an SUV. I even had one guy tell me he straight up wouldn’t mind a coupe EV Mustang. I definitely think there would still be some of those people that would be...
  12. FordPass for multiple users in multiple households?

    I’d let him create his own account and then let him add the car using the VIN in the FordPass app - you’ll then have to approve it. I believe you should then be able to remove him afterwards. If you don’t want to give him a key, have him setup PaaK.
  13. My FordPass Concept

    Hi all! I created this concept of what I would love to see from FordPass. I took inspiration from the Tesla app as it really is one of the most intuitive out there. This is only a concept and I understand it may not be possible for Ford to implement some of the items shown in this concept...
  14. Improper jacking by Discount Tire

    Discount tire sucks. They literally removed weights off our tire, didn’t balance them and we had to make an emergency stop to Walmart tire (hate them too, just no one else was open) because our tire felt like it was going to fly off.
  15. 【BestEvMod】Let’s Do a Giveaway Raffle! End on 8/29

    It has black plates personalized plates now 😄
  16. An Electrify America station destroyed two ID.4 batteries on the same day!

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Electrify America also owned and ran by Volkswagen?
  17. Ford dealer installed the Thinkware dash cam. AITA for thinking this wasn't a great job?

    I second this. I have a FITCAMX and it looks as OEM as it gets. I honestly forget it’s there most of the time. The funny part is that I thought the install was going to be considerably worse than a regular dashcam install, but nope, just pull the mount down, plug in and push back in.
  18. 【BestEvMod】Let’s Do a Giveaway Raffle! End on 8/29

    I haven’t gotten the chance to take any good photos so I’ll use this of when I first got the car 😄
  19. Updated Sync 4A Icons are Coming!

    Try to connect your phone to the cars Bluetooth ONLY, don’t connect Android Auto and then try it again.