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  1. DugthePug Dad

    Joined the Racing Stripes Club

    ^^^^^Your car got my juices flowing ^^^^^ Thank you! I went with 10” stripes from the member with the beautiful red MME and black stripes.
  2. DugthePug Dad

    Joined the Racing Stripes Club

    He was suggesting that I get the paint protection film. PPF. He said that I just got all the work done and I should protect it for only $1,800 more.
  3. DugthePug Dad

    Joined the Racing Stripes Club

    I also got all the glass tinted and a ceramic coating. As I was leaving the shop owner was pushing the PPF Out to me.
  4. DugthePug Dad

    Share cool Mustang Mach E Pics -Whatever/Whenever

    It's in the detail shop now...
  5. DugthePug Dad

    Recommendation for Mach-e Seat covers?

    I bought these for my Star white. They come in Red too. Have not put them on yet as I just received them a couple of days ago. Made in China but I would not call them cheap. I went to Amazon where there’s a ton of choices.
  6. DugthePug Dad

    Road trip with brand new Mach E Premium

    I see that the Ford navigation system is not popular. I only had my MME a couple of days when I had to road trip home. I didn’t know hardly anything about the EV world. I definitely didn’t know about this forum for sure. As to luck, I chose the 101 because it runs through a ton of little towns...
  7. DugthePug Dad

    Bay Area Fall Meet-Up

    Good morning all. If the 11th works for us, we can park at the Pleasanton Hotel/Rose Hotel and have lunch downtown. The Pleasanton Hotel has a restaurant in it. Ruby’s and Roses with a nice patio (dog friendly). The John Madden family owns both Hotels. Plenty of parking for us. After lunch we...
  8. DugthePug Dad

    Bay Area Fall Meet-Up

    Pleasanton Main Street is dog friendly. There are plenty of restaurants with patio’s and parklets that allow dogs. I take DugthePug with me all the time. He’s not allowed in my MME yet as he’s a shedding machine. It still has the new car smell!
  9. DugthePug Dad

    Road trip with brand new Mach E Premium

    I had to drive home from Huntington Beach to the Bay Area after I got my MME. I had no choice but to jump right in and do a road trip. My Escape died on me when I was down south. I just put my address in the Ford navigation and it gave me 3 routes to choose from. I chose the 101 route and it...
  10. DugthePug Dad

    Bay Area Fall Meet-Up

    I will throw this out. Pleasanton is having a Good Guy’s car show event that I think would be fun. Downtown Pleasanton is a nice quaint slice of Americana. Main Street has about 30 nice restaurants to choose from. There is always a bunch of cool cars around town during the event. kick it...
  11. DugthePug Dad

    Bay Area Fall Meet-Up

    I'm a new owner in the Bay Area and I'm interested in meeting up. I live in the East Bay Tri Valley. Are all the meetups on the Peninsula ? Sounds like fun.
  12. DugthePug Dad

    The EV “Green” Narrative

    I didn't buy my Mustang to save anything. I bought it because it's a nice car and zippy as hell!!! For me it was an impulse purchase when my Escape died and I got towed to a Ford dealership. I never thought I would own an EV, but here I am and happy with my MME.
  13. DugthePug Dad

    Holy smokes, this is getting insane,

    I like pulling into the station and chatting up folks while I'm cleaning my windows. Gotta get the bugs off you know! Yes, Gas is getting crazy out here. I live in the SF Bay Area... Cheapest gas in town is $5.39 at a little independent station.
  14. DugthePug Dad

    This sounds like what we should expect from charging stations

    Awesome! need many more stations like this.
  15. DugthePug Dad

    Picking up an MME on Friday — What are the first things I should do?

    First thing you need to do is drive it like you stole it! Then relax a bit and let your smile subside a little :cool: Now seriously it will take some time to figure out what features you like to drive with or without. I personally couldn't wait to turn off the lane centering and distance...
  16. DugthePug Dad

    What is your solar set up if you have one ?

    I have 21 panels and 2 Tesla batteries for the power wall. The batteries hold 13.5 KWH x2 = 27 KWH. Not sure it's called KWH as my cousin installed the system a few years back. He drives a Volt and now I have my MME. His Volt is 10 years old and he is looking at getting a new EV. Got a little...
  17. DugthePug Dad

    Ford, BMW, Honda to Create ChargeScape, a Company Focused On Optimizing Electric Vehicle Grid Services

    Keep your petty hands off my Solar generated electricity. They already take electricity from me every day at a cut rate before my power wall reaches 100%. NO THANKS!!!
  18. DugthePug Dad

    What did everyone buy - Color

    ^^^^^ I like it! Put a .50 Cal on top and you're all set. :cool: