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  1. andyrross

    National Drive Electric Week is coming up!

    September 30th on the Santa Fe Plaza
  2. andyrross

    Personal Profile Bug?

    Yeah, I have the same issue - more than half of the time, it knows it is me. The rest of the time it picks my wife (whose key is sitting in the house somewhere) or my brother who doesn't have a key. Another thing to check after starting up.
  3. andyrross

    Setting not staying as scheduled.

    I've noticed the same thing. I think it started with the latest Radio button update (sorry, I don't remember the actual code). Pretty frustrating. I've had to set it a couple times a day, or have it stay turned on for several days. Now just my habit after starting and about to shut off the car...
  4. andyrross

    Newbie to the club

    Welcome to the club!
  5. andyrross

    Ford BlueCruise 1.3 is coming soon

    I received the email about an hour ago as well. I started up my MME to see if the update was queued there and found that my automatic update was toggled off. I'm thinking from a previous update (last I got was the radio station update) turned it off. So I'd suggest checking your automatic...
  6. andyrross

    New Mexico Drive Electric Show in Santa Fe on September 30, 2023

    The 2nd annual National Drive Electric Week show in Santa Fe New Mexico USA will be on the plaza on September 30th. I went last year before I got my MME and got a lot of questions answered. Also found out about PNM rebate and time of day rate...
  7. andyrross

    NM: Drive Electric Week Event at the Santa Fe Plaza 10/1

    Found that there will be in one in '23. Saturday September 30
  8. andyrross

    I Made a Video

    But my range is no where near what you have at 100%! Sorry, I couldn't resist. Thanks Doug for another great video. I think your style of the voice over narration works so much better than trying to talk while driving/filming. Always enjoy watching these. And I agree this should be...
  9. andyrross

    New Tesla Wrap
  10. andyrross

    NM: Drive Electric Week Event at the Santa Fe Plaza 10/1

    I don't see one listed yet. I'd register as well...
  11. andyrross

    Which maps do you use?

    In May, I did a 2K mile trip to California and back. Used Apple Maps on CarPlay and it worked great. Told me when and where to charge, guided me in parking lots.
  12. andyrross

    Should I feel Guilty For Using Gas Station Squeegees?

    I just got back from a 2K mile trip to California and back. For the price, this was my best investment for the tripL...
  13. andyrross

    Elegant solution for phone charging annoyance in Mach-e, for iPhone users anyway!

    Big shout out for this. I'm halfway thru my first long trip and the @twraps charger works like a charm. It holds the phone and charges up. Doesn't get hot. I highly recommend this.
  14. andyrross

    Chipotle Going Green! Adding rooftop solar panels and EV chargers

    I think this is great. I'd much rather stop and eat at a Chipotle than a McDonalds, or a Subway, or a Walmart, or a Subway in a Walmart...
  15. andyrross

    Unable to set up EV routing in Maps on iPhone

    Thanks for this tip. I had the same issue and this was the solution. Thanks to everyone for this forum!
  16. andyrross

    I Made a Video

    I always enjoy your videos. Please keep them coming