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  1. heisnuts

    Should I try to force HVBJB to fail?

    Well, actually Oregon. But it is Portland so almost into Washington.
  2. heisnuts

    Should I try to force HVBJB to fail?

    Yeah, except even my dealer, whos techs know me by name just walking in the door, took over 3 weeks the last time to replace the HVBJB. Unfortunately, the dealer load is getting so bad in a lot of places that it is taking a long time to get any repairs done on the MME.
  3. heisnuts

    Goodbye 1st Edition, Hello Mediocrity

    And in some states, Like California, there are state rebates that bring the total even lower. I have seen M3s that net out under $30K in some states after you factor in the discounts and all the federal and state incentives.
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    Should I try to force HVBJB to fail?

    You have a long time to go before the 8 year/100,000 mile warranty expires on the HVBJB.
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    Goodbye 1st Edition, Hello Mediocrity

    Wow, that does look like it was quite an impact. Glad everyone was ok. Speaking from experience, you might want to look at either the Tesla Model Y (if you absolutely need the SUV body) or the Model 3 (if a sedan would work for you). The M3 handles better than the MY and from what I have...
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    Percentage with HVJB failure

    And now testing out the Model 3 Performance setup. So far at 6,000 miles we are doing good.
  7. heisnuts

    Percentage with HVJB failure

    That is not the way it works unfortunately. And even in the cases where a manufacture is forced to extend a warranty it is usually along the lines of 10 years total or 100,000 miles. In this case that would only add 2 years to the existing 8 year/100,000 mile warranty.
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    Acura ZDX

    Maybe they can market it to funeral homes if sales do not take off 🤣
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    Holy smokes, this is getting insane,

    Well, with a median home price in that area of $1,278,888.....
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    Rear ended by 18 year old - minor damage - how many day(s) will this repair take ?

    Assuming it is just the bumper valance, I would expect a few days. I wonder if the valance already comes painted (if it is painted) since I believe all of the MMEs use the same piece/color. Even if it needs paint, I don't see why the body shop could not order the piece in first, paint it, and...
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    MME Premium 4x to a Model 3 Performance - Now with Updated 5K Review

    I kinda get that, but then I do not buy or reject a product just because of the CEO of the company. I don't think there are a lot here who say the main reason they bought the MME is because of Jim Farley or one of the Ford family members. Personally, I just did not really know a lot about the...
  12. heisnuts

    MME Premium 4x to a Model 3 Performance - Now with Updated 5K Review

    I have been really impressed with the cooling abilities. Even after some pretty hard driving if I put in a supercharger in the navigation on a cooler day the car actually has to warm the battery to precondition it for the supercharger (it will tell you if it needs to warm the battery as you get...
  13. heisnuts

    MME Premium 4x to a Model 3 Performance - Now with Updated 5K Review

    I am really impressed on how well the car handles and performs. It is simply a precision guided missle. There is so much power going to all 4 wheels there is even torque steer at times and although the 0 to 60 time is 3.1 seconds, it feels even faster than that. I have not tried track mode...
  14. heisnuts

    Thief got into car but PAAK should have locked car.

    Mine would also fail to lock from time to time. That is why I always listened for the horn to honk to verify the car locked as I walked away. I have the same set up on the Tesla. So far it has never failed to lock. One of the nice things with the Tesla is it allows you to exclude locations...
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    22 Premium extended battery MME used trade/sell price is too low!!!

    I seem to remember a similar thread recently. Here it is HERE
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    Frunk opened by itself!

    I'm betting your Ford Pass App was open on your phone in your pocket and the open frunk button was "pressed" by something in your pocket.
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    Picking up an MME on Friday — What are the first things I should do?

    Have your Ford Pass account active and link the vehicle to your account, including activating Plug & Charge. It takes an hour or so for Plug & Charge to fully activate after the initial set up, just FYI.
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    NEMA 14 - 50 charger recommendations

    Tesla has come out with a universal charger that will charge both CCS and NACS vehicles, but they will not start shipping until October. With the NACS change happening in the near future, this might be the one to go with for $595. The link is HERE
  19. heisnuts

    2021 GT/GTPE MMEs Without HVBJB Failure - Tracking List

    My first failure was the SSN message and the car was bricked. However, that was before the recall to apply the software to warn of the impending failure by setting the SVS message. After the software was installed, the SVS light came on each time and the car was still drivable until I could...
  20. heisnuts

    2021 GT/GTPE MMEs Without HVBJB Failure - Tracking List

    I would think the revised part has a lower failure rate, but have no way to know for sure. I have a feeling the current revised part will be good for 90%+ of the drivers out there, but I would not be surprised if there is another revision in the future after they have a chance to review my...