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  1. DYohn

    Is the Frunk divider necessary?

    I finally used my Frunk for something, the first time since I've owned the car - hiding a birthday present for a grandson and opening the Frunk for a fun reveal. The size of the thing (a hoverboard) made me remove the Frunk divider so it would fit. So my question for the forum brain is should...
  2. DYohn

    Hmm, what happened to "L" mode?

    Hmm, had a software update last night, no PowerUp number just something about "improved DC Fast Charging" referencing a Priority Update number. Got in car to drive this morning and it had charged to 100% rather than my normal 90% (not unusual when software gets updated) but when driving in...
  3. DYohn

    Rivian observation

    Sunday on my drive from Las Vegas home to Phoenix, I stopped in Kingman AZ to use the EA charger there. All four chargers were in use - three Rivians and a Kia. The Kia was at the 150Kw spot and the Rivians were all at 350Kw spots. I parked and checked their status - all the Rivians were in...
  4. DYohn

    Thank you for this new feature!

    I got in the car this morning and noticed a recent OTA update has added a feature I've wished the car had since day one. I can now activate the 360-degree cameras at the press of an icon (at slow speed.) Thank you Ford, this will absolutely help me when parking or negotiating tight clearances...
  5. DYohn

    Fragile windshield

    Maybe I know now why Ford issued the 3-years free windshield covereage for MME. This morning I got hit with a small pebble on the freeway thrown up by a truck and there is a giant chip in the windshield right in front of the driver's position. This is the second time in just over a year of...
  6. DYohn

    Clever: "Stang Utility Vehicle"

    I've received more "nice car" comments about the MME than about any other car I've owned in many years. Yesterday the wife and I were at Costco loading our purchases into the back when a young man walking by said. "Nice car. Is it an SUV?" "Yes," said my wife, "It's a Stang Utility Vehicle,"...
  7. DYohn

    GT available

    Got a message from my dealer at Robert Horne Ford in Apache Junction AZ that they have a GT that has become available. I do not have any details but if anyone is interested here's the contact info: Ray Stephenson Internet Sales Manager [email protected] (928) 368-7260
  8. DYohn

    Dosdge Charger EV

    I was a Mopar fan back in the day having owned both a Challenger and a Satellite Sebring. But this thing, while it looks nice, is silliness for rich kids if you ask me.
  9. DYohn

    One more annoying thing about updates...

    I received a message on Ford Pass titled "It's Ok, we'll try again soon" telling me an OTA update had failed to load into my car. No problem, I go out to the garage, start it, select "Software Update" on the Sync screen, and am told "Your software is up to date." So. Which is it? And perhaps...
  10. DYohn

    WOT Poll - How often do you use wide open throttle?

    In the text describing the reason for the 22S41 Safety Recall Ford describes some of the conditions that may cause main contactor overheating to include repeated DC fast charging and repeated use of wide open throttle (WOT.) Some users posted that they use WOT all the time. I can probably...
  11. DYohn

    Recall updates thread

    I didn't see a thread just for recording results from recall work, so I'll start one and please remove or move if my search-fu was just not working today. Just got my car back from having the windshield/roof recall work done by my dealer. They also performed about a half dozen software updates...
  12. DYohn

    Cracked windshiled

    I've been putting off taking the car in for the recall service for personal reasons, but last week a rock came off a truck I was following and hit my windshield on the passenger side. Within 24 hours a small chip had grown into a foot-long crack. I called the dealer to arrange the recall...
  13. DYohn

    Navigation weirdness

    Just completed first long drive from Phoenix to N California. GreAt car on the road, no major issues, no charging issues, but one bit of weirdness with the navigation system. In the LA area we were cruising along on highway 14 through Palmdale when the nav system wanted us to exit and take a 30...
  14. DYohn

    My car did some weirdness today

    I've read other owners posting about "Service Vehicle Soon" messages and the repairs that followed, dreaded seeing the same on my MME. Today I sort of did. Driving down a mostly deserted long straight city street with a 45 MPH speed limit, I engaged ICC just for fun. The car did its normal...
  15. DYohn

    Wireless charging roadway

    Very interesting technology
  16. DYohn

    MME is too expensive to have problems

    There is a little of this attitude on this forum, but a lot more of it in other social media. The statements usually go something like, "I read about a lot of Mach-E owners having problems. I would not be happy if I paid that much for a car and had problems," Besides the obvious answer of...
  17. DYohn


    As a male who has been driving for over 50 years I never read automobile owners manuals. I might look things up when I need to - like how to change a cabin air filter or something - but I know how to drive. When I get a new ICE vehicle I get in and drive. When I sold my last pure ICE vehicle...
  18. DYohn

    Google Maps and Car Play

    I wondered if others are seeing this strange behavior in Google Maps via Car Play or if it's just me doing something wrong. On my iPhone X running iOS 14.7.1 by itself, Google Maps works great. It orients to the direction the phone is facing and gives good navigation directions. However, when...
  19. DYohn

    An "I have a problem!" duh, no I don't. post

    Ever since the second day of ownership I have been hearing an annoying rattle in the car, but only on certain rougher roads. It sounded like something in the dash was loose, or something was banging around inside the glove box (which was empty) or some loose bit of dash trim was rattling like...
  20. DYohn

    Rebate from local utility - a Mustang is not electric!

    My local utility here in Arizona is the Salt River Project. They offer a $1000 rebate to electric vehicle purchasers. I applied for it, sending in the required application and copies of my purchase agreement and registration. I received an email back from them that my purchase agreement...