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  1. Dustus

    Goodbye 1st Edition, Hello Mediocrity

    If you like the Ionic 5, how about the EV6 GT version?
  2. Dustus

    The manual says to cool down the battery for 2-3 hours before charging at home daily.. anyone know how to do this?

    I'm probably being lazy but I just plug mine in before going to bed. That way it has been in the garage for several hours before it starts to charge. I'm mainly in that habit in case I have to go somewhere in the evening.
  3. Dustus

    Windshield Replacement through Safelite Success Story

    Who is your insurance company? With Geico they won't pay for factory glass so Safelite was going to install generic unless I pay $700 extra. That is all on Geico though, not Safelite.
  4. Dustus

    Ford's EV transition plans: a summary as of 9/5/23

    Great video Patrick! It's good to know that we are on the leading edge of something much bigger.
  5. Dustus

    Charge Assist Coming Soon?

    Does early access have an NDA? Seems like everything else that hits early access is talked about in length here.
  6. Dustus

    Does Tesla Autopilot handle merging traffic?

    And is this something that BC 1.3 addresses?
  7. Dustus

    How our Batteries will be recycled

    Awesome vid! Thanks for sharing.
  8. Dustus

    Windshield replacement

    Exactly. Safelight told me that Geico was one of the only companies that doesn't included that. I figured it would cost me some out of pocket but $700 seems excessive. Can't be that much of a difference between the OEM and the generic windshield in price.
  9. Dustus

    Windshield replacement

    The soundscreen is something I don't want to lose but 99% of my driving is around town and is it worth $700?
  10. Dustus

    Windshield replacement

    So I got a really good rock chip in my windshield that is going to require the windshield to be replaced. Insurance is with Geico and they will replace it for $50 but it won't be OEM. To select OEM will run an additional $700. What am I going to be missing without it? Safelight is doing the...
  11. Dustus

    How to stop text header information from being played

    That is weird, I have mine play text message but I've never heard the header information. Mine only seems to give me the option to play them though if I'm on the Android Auto screen so maybe that works better than whatever the Ford Sync system is trying to do.
  12. Dustus

    Charge going down a mountain

    Would the L button be any different than driving with one pedal in unbridled? I get a lot of regen just driving normally that way.
  13. Dustus

    Charging more than 80% regularly?

    I charge to 90% nightly after Ford changed their recommendations.
  14. Dustus

    Best way to display license plate in 2023

    I have been pulled over once in a year for not having my front plate. Cop walked up to my car and started by telling me that "it's not the crime of the century, but I noticed you don't have a front license plate." Ran all my info but didn't give me a ticket. I still don't have it installed...
  15. Dustus

    Tire rotation, should I worry about the lift?

    I'd be a billionaire if I had that pill. But I do have my 20k checkup coming very soon so I'll have it looked at then.
  16. Dustus

    Tire rotation, should I worry about the lift?

    Good to hear your replies about how sturdy the car is. That is the confirmation I was looking for. I assumed it was fine but so many horror stories out here and the first time my car has been lifted that I just wanted to make sure. Thanks all!
  17. Dustus

    Tire rotation, should I worry about the lift?

    The front blocks are at the jack points but the rear blocks are about a foot in front of the labeled jack points. That is what worried me. But I'm not sure how sensitive the frame is to that.
  18. Dustus

    Tire rotation, should I worry about the lift?

    That is good to hear. When I left I crawled under and could see the scuff marks (not permanent, just in the dust on the rail) from their blocks and they were just on the outside frame and not on the farther inside battery rail. If I have those parts correct. I can see where that battery rail...
  19. Dustus

    Tire rotation, should I worry about the lift?

    I'm at nearly 18k miles now and am headed out on a road trip next week that will throw me over 20k. I'll have Ford check it out with my 20k service. I should have just waited on the tire rotation until then as well but thought it would be good to get it done quickly before my trip. I picked...
  20. Dustus

    Tire rotation, should I worry about the lift?

    I think I will just bite the bullet and take it to Ford as well from now on. I just hate that the "Quick" service means I have to leave my car there all day.