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  1. DugthePug Dad

    What is your solar set up if you have one ?

    I have 21 panels and 2 Tesla batteries for the power wall. The batteries hold 13.5 KWH x2 = 27 KWH. Not sure it's called KWH as my cousin installed the system a few years back. He drives a Volt and now I have my MME. His Volt is 10 years old and he is looking at getting a new EV. Got a little...
  2. DugthePug Dad

    Ford email about a tracker to lower insurance.

    No way I’m going to do this! I don’t know about you but stepping on the accelerator in my Mustang is really fun…and necessary Heck, if I was tracked like that my insurance would absolutely go up. why own a MME If you’re going to drive like a road bolder.
  3. DugthePug Dad

    My first Blue Cruise experience today.

    I took a 200 mile trip today for my Mom's Funeral. She was buried with my Dad at the California Korean War Veterans Cemetery in Santa Nella. My route was the 580 East to the 5 South. I made it home with 10% remaining on my battery . I was averaging 75 mph and had to move to the slow lane...
  4. DugthePug Dad

    PAAK question from a new owner

    I have a iPhone X. My Ford pass app doesn't have the icons for widows up down , trunk etc. It only has the horn/lights icon. I have tried to set up phone as key probably 10 times and nothing. It still comes back as the above picture. It will lock and unlock the car and remote start but...
  5. DugthePug Dad

    12v battery issue questions from a new owner

    I don't drive much because I'm retired. This being said I have read about the 12V battery issues. How concerned should I be about that battery failing? Should I keep my Mach E plugged in after reaching my desired charge level? Any suggestions or recommendations are appreciated. Like I said...
  6. DugthePug Dad

    New 2023 MME Premium owner with a question about a cluster symbol

    This is my first post. I'm a FNG. I have been getting a amber symbol above the NESW direction letter on the cluster that looks like stability control with an X through it. It has only been happening when I'm driving west into the strong setting sun where you have to lower the visor to see...