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  1. Jeffvisor

    NEMA 14 - 50 charger recommendations

    I have the Wallbox Pulsar Plus and really like it. It has smart features that track your usage. Small footprint and separate holder for the nozzle. They always update the software and unit. It has worked flawlessly for over 2 years now with the Mach-e.
  2. Jeffvisor

    Ford BlueCruise 1.3 is coming soon

    I dont have BC 1.2 either.
  3. Jeffvisor

    Ford BlueCruise 1.3 is coming soon

    I tried they want to charge me. @Ford Motor Company should direct the dealers to do this for Job 1 cars.
  4. Jeffvisor

    Ford BlueCruise 1.3 is coming soon

    I got the email today I am not in the EA program and still don't have a working Frunk button inside the Frunk or app or dash or anything. I am a Job 1 2021 Premium.
  5. Jeffvisor

    2021 Mache Select - no BlueCruise?

    I don't believe Select Models have the hardware to support Bluecruise. Do you have the panel above the steering wheel that checks your eyes the part highlighted in yellow arrows in the image? Also need the cameras in the front of the vehicle and under the side mirrors.
  6. Jeffvisor

    4.3.6 Power-Up OTA Update

    LOL didnt mean 3 Years I meant 2 years thanks for catching that.
  7. Jeffvisor

    4.3.6 Power-Up OTA Update

    I am with Jim I tried to get the dealer to do this on my Job 1 car and they said it's not a recall would charge me and said they feel it's coming in an over the air update. Yea, yea, yea, sure it is... it will be 2 years end of July with no working frunk button.
  8. Jeffvisor

    New iOS Public Beta 17 for iPhone seems to work fine

    I downloaded the new Public Beta Version of iOS17 and seems to work fine with the Mach-e. Has other little bug issues unrelated to the Mustang but works with the car.
  9. Jeffvisor

    How long does it take to perform Windshield / Sunroof recall?

    Mine took 3 weeks the Ford dealer outsourced it and broke the windshield and had to order a new one at the time they were in demand so had to wait for it to arrive.
  10. Jeffvisor

    I'm no longer willing to recommend the Mach-E or Ford

    The Pixel 6 is a known issue my son has that phone and we cannot get it to work. I have a Apple 13 and works good now. My FOB battery died after a little over a year so maybe your battery is dead already. I keep the extra FOB and battery in a Faraday bag hidden in the car. I know to have to go...
  11. Jeffvisor

    Tire rotation, should I worry about the lift?

    I lucked out I went there with I noticed the screw in the tire and they worked on it immediately. I was worried it would be an all-day affair. Took about 1 hour.
  12. Jeffvisor

    Tire rotation, should I worry about the lift?

    I got a nail in my tire and took it to Ford because I worried reg tire places wouldn't have the proper equipment to put it on a lift.
  13. Jeffvisor

    Finally happened, stranded because of PaaK

    I took a picture of the original door code stored it in a locked memo in my iPhone set up and new door code and backup code on the screen also added those to the locked memo under Mach-e in my iPhone. I have a FOB hidden in the car in a faraday bag. As a Job 1 owner I over prepared for the day...
  14. Jeffvisor

    New OTA 21B36

    thanks I figured after some driving it will fix itself.
  15. Jeffvisor

    New OTA 21B36

    good idea let me know if that works. I charged to 100% to see if that would fix it and it showed 230 miles it should be 270. Very odd!
  16. Jeffvisor


    My Job 1 car is at the dealer today for State inspection. I asked the do the programming to activate the Frunk release. They said they reached out to Ford and Ford said its coming via OTA update in the future but don't have a date when. The dealer said Ford won't pay for the update the dealer...
  17. Jeffvisor

    New OTA 21B36

    Before this update I charged to 90% and I have 2021 Job 1 and the ext battery it showed 290 miles in the GOM. After this update I charged to 90% the next day and showed 210 miles in the GOM. Neither one is correct I am sure it will fix itself overtime but I found that odd. I usually land around...
  18. Jeffvisor

    I dont trust you, Customer!

    I knew going forward I was only going to buy EV's from now on so invested in a good plug-in charger so if I move I can take it with me. I bought the Wallbox Pulsar Plus works great. I keep the portable charger in the trunk for travel emergencies.
  19. Jeffvisor

    NACS adapter coming when?

    ahhh thank you good news