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  1. HVBJB failure CODE: P0AA2

    Currently sitting on the side of the freeway. Complete HVB failure with "stop safely now" and "service soon" messages. Let the car sit for a bit but it's shot. Hour wait for a tow in 90+ degree heat. They are going to tow it to the dealer. 2021 Mach e X Job 2 w/22k miles. Devastated
  2. 12V Battery SOC Tips

    Hi Everyone, 2021 Job 2 EAP here. About 4 months ago my MME was failing to do updates. After some diagnostics with the Ford team we found that my 12v was not keeping SOC at all. Put it to the dealer and they installed a new 12v. 3 or 4 updates since then have gone great. My MME was recently at...
  3. "This Trip Cannot Be Generated Now. Try Again Later"

    New owner of a MME here! I've been playing around in the FordPass app and am constantly getting this error message when trying to use the trip planning feature. Everything else working great. Am I missing something here? Thanks!