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  1. Mrn

    New Volvos All Electric By 2030
  2. Mrn

    1599 miles on 15.5 KWhrs (in a hangar)
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    Thief got into car but PAAK should have locked car.

    I have honk on lock turned on and always press the lock button when getting out of the car in a parking lot. It usually honks when I walk away, but when it doesn't, I walk back and repeat. That method seems to be guaranteeing the car is locked.
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    2024 Mach-E Rally first live look from Detroit Autoshow debut

    I think the white wheels look good in a Hot Wheels kind of way, but they'll look bad after getting road and brake pad dust on them.
  5. Mrn

    Elon Musk

    The 11 kids and not even married part really impressed me😊
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    Giving Ford some well-deserved kudos for the Mach-E body design!

    Growing up in Texas we had a few friends who gave away deer meat after hunting. The meat had to mixed with domestic beef to make it edible.
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    Mach-E now second best selling EV SUV in the US

    Interesting. Is there some context that makes those stats sound less bad?
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    Mach-E now second best selling EV SUV in the US Sales of Ford’s Mustang Mach-E bounced back in August, rising 61% from last year. The Mach-E became the second-best-selling electric SUV in the US, behind Tesla’s Model Y. Although Mach-E sales fell over...
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    Flooded EV Catches Fire

    Might be worth scouting out elevated parking garages nearby if one lives at a low elevation near a seacoast🌊.
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    Dealer says I need new rotors

    Is this an aggressive driving/dirt roads/cold, wet climate thing? My MME rotors and brake pads look new after one year and 8k miles driving in southern Arizona.
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    Ford tracking device offer

    It's probably a worthwhile effort on Ford's part to improve the vehicle and pass on best practices to the rest of us. If I could install it myself, I would probably participate, but my toes curl up whenever I have to visit a car dealership. I did get the offer and can confirm it says 'Ford...
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    Ford dealer installed the Thinkware dash cam. AITA for thinking this wasn't a great job?

    I installed a Rove R3. The instructions are specific about not mounting the camera over the dot matrix pattern. The dots are raised and the adhesive film won't stick well. I found it relatively easy to do a self install and hide the wires under trim around the door and roof area. It was also...
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    Major sensor issues

    I had a black backup camera screen a couple of days ago when I baked up about 10'. I turned the car off and back on and haven't had it happen again.
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    ROAD TRIP MUST READ! 1 pedal driving: BAD Destination chargers (even Tesla) GOOD

    I use 1 pedal with Adaptive Cruise Control and, after tapping the brake, go back to the power pedal and modulate the regen for the slow down or the stop. I get consistently excellent efficiency scores and miles per kilowatt-hour using that method.
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    240V/32A NEMA 14 - 50 wall outlet

    Oops, so THHN is Thermoplastic High Heat Resistant, Nylon coated, not Trip, Hot, Hot, Neutral. Oh well😏
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    240V/32A NEMA 14 - 50 wall outlet

    As an aside, I was told that the trip wire can be a size smaller since it is only meant to be used when a fault is detected and the breaker tripped off.
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    240V/32A NEMA 14 - 50 wall outlet

    I think most of us installed a NEMA 14 50 anticipating getting 40 amps out of our charger. It was installed at least a month before the car arrived. It has been in service about a year and has worked flawlessly. It also has a smoke detector above it and can blast an alarm through the wall and...
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    When To Charge To Minimize Your CO2 Emissions

    Thanks. Great resource.
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    Panoramic Roof, in hot states

    Very interesting. So the distinction is between radiated energy vs conducted energy. The glass roof mostly stops the radiated energy from coming through, but conducts heat into the cabin. The metal roof stops all radiated heat and will conduct less heat because of roof insulation. That might...
  20. Mrn

    Tesla HVJB issues?

    I'll rephrase the question. Have any EVs done away with mechanical contactors and gone with solid state power control instead?