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  1. 67 Stang Convertible

    Middle-aged gamers will appreciate this

    I'm sorry did you use 39 years old and "Old School" in the same paragraph? I literally have NO IDEA what your talking about since the last Video Game I Played was "Asteroids". #ATARI Let's just agree that you have to break the 1/2 Century mark to be considered "old school". And, yes I'll be...
  2. 67 Stang Convertible

    Arctic Circle (Canada/US)?

    Wow, One Frunk Button later and Jim's navigating the arctic circle. Maybe I should deactivate mine!! How about a nice cruise down I-95 to Flagler Beach and call it a "Road Trip".
  3. 67 Stang Convertible

    Emporia install - NEMA ground up or down?

    Only if your installing it!!!
  4. 67 Stang Convertible

    Strange display

    In Full Disclosure, I had to lookup "Sextant"; I thought you were going in a totally different direction. And was thinking well, maybe the $800/year maybe worth it 😁
  5. 67 Stang Convertible

    Emporia install - NEMA ground up or down?

    A certified electrician can be handy in these situations.
  6. 67 Stang Convertible

    Another frunk thread....

    I have had the Frunk Button on the Sync Screen and the Ford Pass App for 2 weeks now. #1. Yes, I left it at the dealer for them to run the Modules. They said I was the 3rd or 4th one they have done in the last few weeks and it only takes about 10 min. If your out of warranty and have a...
  7. 67 Stang Convertible

    Strange display

    I've only seen this when I forget to cancel navigation or it never recognizes I've arrived. Agree with posters above; "Cancel Navigation" will probably fix that. The fact the Ford doesn't know what the symbol is just annoying; but you know the initial wave of responders most likely aren't...
  8. 67 Stang Convertible

    Inaccurate battery indicator

    That's what they all say.....
  9. 67 Stang Convertible

    Get out there this week and Show Off Your Mach E!!! It's National Drive Electric Week. Click on the link and find an event near you. Let's show 'em what a Good Looking EV Looks Like!!!
  10. 67 Stang Convertible

    5 second limit explained?

    Yes, they know about it but have not had to pay to replace the ones that has NOT failed. My assumption is you will see a large increase of failures if they released the 5 sec limit and Ford does not want to pay to replace these.
  11. 67 Stang Convertible

    5 second limit explained?

    We will agree to disagree. I've got a pint of ale as they say on the other side of the pond, on the bet the 21-23's are never released on the 5 sec. limit. You in???
  12. 67 Stang Convertible

    5 second limit explained?

    I'm a 21' owner (Premium) and have heard about the 5 sec. limit for years. And like a lot of us thought it was limited to those that wanted to go to the track. But to hear it affects them on the highway passing at high speeds; that really stinks. Due to the HJVB; I doubt Ford will ever...
  13. 67 Stang Convertible

    Munro Live interview with Donna Dickson: Mach-E Rally changes and reveals

    Rally Edition, meh, not my cup of tea.
  14. 67 Stang Convertible

    Cambridge MA Police Mach-E

    I love when the threads go off in different directions!!! Makes it a lot more fun.
  15. 67 Stang Convertible

    Daily charging

    I guess I'm lazier and my life is less exciting than the posters above. I treat it like a Gas Car and charge once a week or so when I get down to 30% or so. On the rare occasion, I need to go across town; I just hit up a DC Fast charger. Which has happened once in my 26 months of ownership.
  16. 67 Stang Convertible

    When or will GT/PE 5 Second limit be lifted by OTA

    I believe they are concerned it would dramatically increase the HJBV failures; which does nothing but cost them money to fix. So, even though I think it is ridiculous, I don't think that will get lifted. As they figure the car out, the future ones just won't have the limit. But you bought the...
  17. 67 Stang Convertible

    Big step in getting rid of range anxiety

    I can agree with that!!! Wife stated she "hated" ev's (could never tell me why...) and then I asked her to drive the Lyriq while she was looking at the Cadillac XT5. And of all things this week, my daughter's Kia is in the shop and my wife was promised a Loaner and when she showed up they had...
  18. 67 Stang Convertible

    Mach-E Protected Me in Hit and Run Collision

    Are you replacing with another MME? Or are you considering something else?
  19. 67 Stang Convertible

    Thief got into car but PAAK should have locked car.

    I loathe the walk away horn. Turned that off!! But, my walk away Lock; has never failed.