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  1. connoisseurr

    Mustang Mach-E vs Rivian R1T - Owner Comparison

    Wow you got one quick! Did you have a long-term reservation or did you snag from the R1 Shop?
  2. connoisseurr

    Is it OK to tint the IR-coated windshield or sunroof?

    50% Llumar IRX or FormulaOne Pinnacle substantially increased the IR rejection on my Mach-e. I’d only tint the windshield as long as you’re tinting all the side and rear glass with a ceramic film. Skip the roof. Get a sunshade if you need it.
  3. connoisseurr

    Virginia KW V3 Coilover Kit w/ Preinstalled Tophats This kit applies to all Mustang Mach-E trims, excluding GT Performance Edition.
  4. connoisseurr

    Is it safe to charge in Garage?

    If it wasn't safe, NEC wouldn't allow it.
  5. connoisseurr

    What ceramic coating do you use?

    I'd go with something higher in pH for a strip wash. Koch Chemie Active Foam and Super Foam are great, but you cannot buy smaller volumes yet. In the mean time, mixing 50/50 Koch Chemie Gentle Snow Foam and Koch Chemie Green Star make a substantial foaming and cleaning product. I'll use that...
  6. connoisseurr

    Your experience with ceramic window tint

    Your first paragraph is correct. High-performance ceramic tint both reflects and absorbs. Every company has formulated their product to do something a little different - some may reflect or absorb more than others. I said hell with it and will just use a sunshade for summer months in VA (mostly...
  7. connoisseurr

    How Can I Receive Software Updates if My Parking is Underground?

    Updates download over cellular and apply to the vehicle in the background, where changes will not go into affect until the vehicle is powered off for 5-10 minutes.
  8. connoisseurr

    Your experience with ceramic window tint

    What I was feeling was the absorbed heat by the tint, radiating down to my body. Not just me, others felt it, including the tint installer. Since then, I haven't tinted any pano roof - I just opt for the sunshade, so I can remove in colder months to harness free sunlight heat :D
  9. connoisseurr

    Your experience with ceramic window tint

    Hopefully you used Dave and the crew at Signature Glass Tinting!
  10. connoisseurr

    KW V3 Coilover Suspension Released for Mach-E

    Check OP
  11. connoisseurr

    DIY How To: Remove and Replace Suspension with KW V3 Coilovers on Mach-E

    Find a shop with a more competitive price. Personally, charging $418 to adjust & set ride height is bogus. We installed coils on my Mach-E on a lift. Once they were in, we lowered it, took measurements FTG, and lifted it back up to make adjustments. It didn't take $418 worth of time, that's for...
  12. connoisseurr

    No Sync Update Shown in FDRS

    No that’s a bunch of hogwash. Ford general customer service is as useless as a Kolkata scammer call center. Your car gets OTAs based upon module readiness, or release schedule by Ford.
  13. connoisseurr

    No Sync Update Shown in FDRS

    Wait longer. GWM, APIM and TCU have not been scheduled for your VIN yet.
  14. connoisseurr

    Lucid and Rivian owners report problems, some serious

    Rivian owner here. These articles are here to bust Rivian for no reason. There’s a new one every week, with “complaints” about something so minute. Right now the only noteworthy grievance is regarding max battery pack holders and dates getting pushed around. Lucid does have a ton of issues to...
  15. connoisseurr

    Mach-E Aftermarket wheel and tire information and pictures

    My setup would have been more flush if I went with 255 series tires. Using a 265 series gave me more of that "meaty" look, and also brings additional ride comfort - both I like. However, wider tire contact patch, means more friction to the pavement, which requires more energy to rotate the...
  16. connoisseurr

    Glass roof and cabin heat?

    Do not tint the glass roof. Get a perforated roof shade. Problem solved. /s
  17. connoisseurr

    Virginia Sold: TeslaTap Mini 80A

    Latest version. Used 3 or 4 times. $250 SHIPPED Payment by PayPal, Venmo or Zelle. Buyer is responsible for Payment Protection fees.
  18. connoisseurr

    Virginia OBDlink MX+ OBD2 Bluetooth Adapter - iPhone, Android and Windows Compatibility

    $100 SHIPPED Payment by PayPal, Venmo or Zelle. Buyer is responsible for Payment Protection fees.
  19. connoisseurr

    Anyone find a phone mount for the Mach-E dashboard?

    Selling a custom phone mount, should anyone need one. Clip and go - no adhesives or odd mounting.
  20. connoisseurr

    Virginia Sold: Custom Phone Dashboard Mount

    I made my own "custom" phone mount from a few different OTS components. Easy install and remove with no damage of any kind. Also no adhesives. $65 SHIPPED w/ Genuine Apple MagSafe puck $40 SHIPPED w/o Genuine Apple MagSafe puck Payment by PayPal, Venmo or Zelle. Buyer is responsible for...