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  1. Billyk24

    How to find out a GTPE's update history?

    If one is looking on the dealer lot and finds a used GT, how do we know the vehicle has all the latest updates? Is this printable or just seen on a screen?
  2. Billyk24

    Ford dealer states $2100 for three years Blue Cruise 2nd owner.

    Ford dealership in Michigan has certified Mach E for sale and relayed a $2100 subscription three year fee for Blue Cruise. 2021 Premium with 360 co pilot hardware exists in the vehicle.
  3. Billyk24

    First Tesla and CCS combo charhing dispenser I have seen.

    Located at a Getgo gas station which is like Sheetz. Charging station is not ready to go yet but it could open next month. Location is rt 228 in Butler county just north of Pittsburgh's county.
  4. Billyk24

    New DCFC in tiny Clam Lake Wisconsin

    A new DCFC is in operation in a tiny junction called Clam Lake Wisconsin. This would be around 9 miles east of Cable Wisconsin.
  5. Billyk24

    Plugshare and parent company Recargo has been sold to EVgo

    Today we’re announcing that PlugShare and our parent company Recargo have been acquired by EVgo, the largest public EV fast charging network in the United States. Will have to await to see what the future holds for Plugshare.
  6. Billyk24

    Plasma Kinetics-hydrogen storage in a disc and usable in anutomotive fuel cells!

    Recently came across this hydrogen filled disc that is non-flammable, 100% carbon free storage, process and delivery! Storage is 30% lighter, 7% smaller, and 17% less expensive than Lithium-ion battery per kWh.
  7. Billyk24

    Midwest Renewable Energy Association charging location

    Solar panels connected to multiple L2 chargers, one slow DCFC at 35kW. A little off the beaten path at Cluster.
  8. Billyk24

    KIA EV6 arriving late 2021 with 800 V battery pack

    How does 10-80% SOC in 18 minutes sound? or 60 minutes or range added in 4.5 minutes? Both are with 350kW chargers. I do not know the difference with 150kW chargers or even the 62.5kW chargers popping up all over Michigan.
  9. Billyk24

    Redecharge Network in Michigan

    Hage Automotive has partnered with this new network in the state of Michigan. Unknown on how fast the DCFC CCS chargers are. Unknown future locations.
  10. Billyk24

    VW ID4 charging curve from three different ID4 vehicles

    The charging curve was identical for three different vehicles including one from Europe. Source: VW ID.4 Amazes With DC Fast Charging Consistency (3 Cars Compared) ( key points: 20-80%SOC in 31 minutes starts at near peak of 127kW which is maintain up to 30%SOC 65kW at...
  11. Billyk24

    Request: Battery temperature during drive operation and during L2 and DCFC charging.

    Does the Mach E display the battery temperature during drive operation and during L2/DCFC charging? If the vehicle is not able to do so, one might be able to request a free data gathering unit from Scanguage II ( » ScanGauge II ) that plugs into the OBDII port to obtain this information and...
  12. Billyk24

    It is coming: a Setec CCS to Tesla Adapter.

    read here: Setec CCS to Tesla Adapter | Page 8 | Tesla Motors Club
  13. Billyk24

    Tesla to make Superchargers open to all? Really?

    Elon says "...yeah, we're gonna allow other companies to use our Supercharging Networks..." | Page 2 | Rivian Forums - #1 Community for Rivian, R1T, R1S, R2R
  14. Billyk24

    If you reserved but failed to order, did Ford cancel your reservation?

    Had mine canceled by Ford on 12-4-2020. Not upset as I needed towing capacity. Also the DCFC network is missing in action where I am retiring to.
  15. Billyk24

    Hummer EV the champ at DCFC charging rate(s)?

    GM has stated 100 miles in 10 minutes! I assume that iis at 10% SOC and tolerating 350kW charging. What is the taper?
  16. Billyk24

    Ford F150 Electric to receive new battery chemistry that is unique to Ford

    Evolution within Ford's electric offering shortly before they even release their first of new EV models. Link: which brings up the question, is the chemistry different because the battery is not...
  17. Billyk24

    Solid State Battery for EV's and recent information:

    Link: short summary for first generation: -Solid state energy density: 320wh/kg Tesla's new 18650 less than 300 solid state claims 430wh/kg is possible...
  18. Billyk24

    Summary of Electrify America's Q2 report to California's Air Resources Board

    National and California news in this release. Includes electric bus and shuttle service in Sacramento.
  19. Billyk24

    Tesla model 3 Performance has 80.5kWh battery pack, 250kW charging capabilities but takes 40 minutes to charge?

    Is my math off, the Tesla photos not correct or does the Tesla mode 3 on a V3 Supercharger have one heck of a taper drop off?
  20. Billyk24

    The CO2 graph