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  1. Mirak

    SSM 51957 - Alarm Activation With Motion Sensor Function Disabled

    First, why has it taken this long to implement what should be a relatively simple software fix? Second, I guaranty you that Ford’s “fix” is going to be making the pop up work - not allowing the sensors to be disabled for more than one key cycle. Which is asinine. If you have a setting buried in...
  2. Mirak

    PowerUp 5.x Poll

    Never mind guys. We’re moving on to 6.1.
  3. Mirak

    Elon's Prediction

    All of your points are very well put. I’m not sure we would agree on solutions, but I do think we would agree on what we’d like to see “in a perfect world.” But this particular point really stood out to me, because I think this is very true. And it has resulted in a mismatch in expectations that...
  4. Mirak

    Elon's Prediction

    No, of course not. I’m just pointing out that this global competition undermines the unions’ call for higher wages. I don’t have the answers. We obviously want to live in this beautiful country with high standards of living and high cost of living. We also want to buy cheap stuff from WalMart...
  5. Mirak

    Elon's Prediction

    I think your comments are reasonable, measured, and non-tribal, which is refreshing on a message board! That said, I don't think grousing about wealth inequality is likely to lead anywhere good or productive. I just don't think we can centrally plan our way to "equality," and it might even be...
  6. Mirak

    Elon's Prediction

    Yeah, but I heard he gets paid solely from sales of each HVBJB. Damned silk pajama executives.
  7. Mirak

    Elon's Prediction

    The workers do not agree with you. They’ve got the muscle, and they’re darn well gonna flex it.
  8. Mirak

    Elon's Prediction

    I support private sector unions, but I’m not sure the Big 3 can really be considered private sector anymore. And if we’re going to support unions, then we need to also support management’s decision to fire employees who strike. Everybody’s gotta have commensurate risk or there is less incentive...
  9. Mirak

    Analysis: Tesla's rivals scrap for thin slices of US EV sales

    Tesla has four significant advantages for most consumers: Sticker Price (I won't speculate as to how they've been able to economize, but that obviously plays a key role) Software (Even without ACP/AA support, Tesla software is fancier and more robust. For example, the ADAS animations and a...
  10. Mirak

    Coming soon: BlueCruise 1.3

    “Over the next few weeks” feels better than “Soon.” I have always interpreted “couple” as two, “few” as three, “some” as four. But “soon” could mean anything!
  11. Mirak

    Charge Assist Beta Has Ended

    Lol. I highly doubt that. It’s in a browser interface, for starters.
  12. Mirak

    Charge Assist Beta Has Ended

    The nanny governance is strong with Ford, and most manufacturers. We can’t even turn our alarm sensors off permanently.
  13. Mirak

    Charge Assist Beta Has Ended

    Honestly, it’s just another half-baked concept from Ford. In theory, great idea. But in application it is slow, clunky, and unusable while driving. It isn’t even a hard-coded app, but just a browser interface! I found it was far easier to just use PlugShare plus whatever proprietary app...
  14. Mirak

    Navigation system automatically configuring a route for you

    This is the “navigation to nowhere bug.” Multiple threads on this. We’ve known about it for over two years.
  15. Mirak

    Strange display

    Search for “navigation to nowhere bug.” This has been a known issue for over two years. So of course Ford has never fixed and seems totally surprised.
  16. Mirak

    What is best means of reporting software bugs?

    So reporting software bugs to @Ford Motor Company doesn’t seem to be super effective. At best, that account appears to be nothing more than frontline customer service. They always try to dump us into the dealership service center cue, which is annoying because the best the service center can do...
  17. Mirak

    At start up weird behavior from entertainment system AM radio just suddenly starts blasting.

    Here you go. Welcome to the party.
  18. Mirak

    Does anyone think that the doors are too lightweight?

    Doors seem solid to me. They seem practically armored compared to the Tesla M3/Y frameless doors.
  19. Mirak

    5 second limit explained?

    You are oversimplifying. This is not a binary issue. It is about strain over time.