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  1. GatorCat

    L2 charging speed recently dropped 33%

    Adding my experience... Job 1 2021 First Edition. Had tons of software issues but those have been resolved finally and have gotten all OTAs and I'm current on 4.2.6 and recent DCFC update. I'm using ChargePoint Flex on 60A circuit for 48A delivered, in Florida where it's hot as hell. Anyway...
  2. GatorCat

    PowerUp 4.x Poll

    I can’t believe I’m saying this but after 2 long years my Job 1 First Edition is finally current after receiving 4 updates in the past 3 days. Dealer had to intervene last year and updates were slow and sporadic but now fast and furious! Crazy!
  3. GatorCat

    Still waiting for Blue Cruise OTA update

    Hi. Cross-posting this from another similar thread in case anyone is watching this thread instead... I have a Job 1 First Edition and BC never worked. For two years. I was also stuck not getting any updates for more than a year. In October after my 4th dealer visit they claimed I was "unstuck"...
  4. GatorCat

    Anybody else with a Job 1 that never got BlueCruise to work?

    Good timing on this post... I have a Job 1 First Edition and BC never worked. For two years. I was also stuck not getting any updates for more than a year. In October after my 4th dealer visit they claimed I was "unstuck" but they couldn't install BC. I got a few updates in December and January...
  5. GatorCat

    Can't deal with the bouncy ride anymore after two weeks with the Mach-E. What do I do?

    There’s too many of us including automotive journalists describing the same problem in various states that it’s a tangible and real issue. Much like the wind noise that some of us experienced and now there’s a TSB solving it. Much like most of us here, I’ve owned many cars over the years and...
  6. GatorCat

    Got my no-ADM Cyber-Orange GTPE!...with a pro photo

    Great shot, from a fellow OMD enthusiast! Cyber Orange is a beast to get the color right. Haven’t seen it in person yet. My Grabber Blue has some interesting variances as well.
  7. GatorCat

    Playlist for song I might play when I drive my MME off the lot

    This one is a little on the nose, but my kids love singing along… Electric Love Børns
  8. GatorCat

    TSB 21-2189 Front Luggage Compartment Hood Closing Effort

    Well my hood requires far more effort than this to close. I have to use the CPR method where after it closes i have take both hands and push firmly down to latch. Impossible to close it with any amount of downward force from fully open. Perhaps I need to have the dealer adjust or realign the...
  9. GatorCat

    SSM 49673 - Sirius Presets/Audio Settings Not Saving After A Key Cycle

    Thanks for posting this TSB and others like it! Very helpful. looking forward to not having to switch profiles every time I get in the car to reload audio settings.
  10. GatorCat

    Savagegeese Mach-E Review

    I agree the suspension is a bit bouncy at times and Straight Pipes review noted that as well. Could be a big reason to get magnaride on GTP. CarPlay works well about 95% of time for me. In fact it starts playing wirelessly very quickly after start up. The boot times are a little slow and there...
  11. GatorCat

    Don't Park So Close To Me!

    This guy was so close I had to snap a pic. I tried to use active park to extract me from this parallel spot, when then guy who apparently was in the car pulled up a few feet. So then the Mach E freaks out mid extraction and I had to cancel the automatic maneuver halfway and pull out. Weird and lame!
  12. GatorCat

    long delay on the driver's door touch to lock?

    No kidding Was there an action they performed on the job ticket that we could take to our dealer? I have the same problem and I only use the fob.
  13. GatorCat

    Texas Sun and glass roof - how is it?

    Agreed with all. Was 90 today in Orlando zero clouds. I could feel a little heat but it is the darkest sky roof I have ever had (I’ve had two other Fords, Volvo, Pacifica all with panorama roofs). I do suspect though that if you enter the car already hot and sweaty it may make cooling off a bit...
  14. GatorCat

    Rear ended in Hit & Run

    That’s awful. Glad y’all are ok though. Car looks good and tore up. was it a van or a panel truck that hit you?
  15. GatorCat

    Resell my Mach-E?

    Who would buy a used MME at roughly same price as new and not get the tax credit? As soon as you walk off that lot the car is worth $7500 less. You’d have to find a sucker for that deal which isn’t really impossible. ?
  16. GatorCat

    Wireless charging with iPhone 12 Pro stops after a few minutes

    I’ve got that problem too. Have an iPhone 12 Pro with clear Magsafe case. Will charge for a couple of min then stop. I tested it when I wasn’t actually driving and it still stopped so it’s not movement causing the issue. I reliably use other QI chargers at home no problem. Not sure this is...
  17. GatorCat

    dumb question on valet mode

    Yeah I’m thinking that’s a lot to deal with when you’re dropping the Mach E off at a restaurant or hotel. Another reason to have a second fob.
  18. GatorCat

    Roof Wind Noise *Fixed*

    Yes this product is also a compressible foam cord one specifically designed as a window/gasket seal. But this one has a rubber coating on outside for durability. Wanted 1/4” because my gap was bigger than OP. With the alcohol it only took 15 min to install and was sold by Amazon so had it next...
  19. GatorCat

    Roof Wind Noise *Fixed*

    This is exactly the product I just installed over the weekend and achieved EXACTLY the same results. Wind noise wasn’t debilitating, but louder than any other car I’ve driven. Pro-tip: use a solution of isopropyl alcohol and water to install the cord. Just enough slickness but flashes off...
  20. GatorCat

    Mach-E vs Model Y Range Test, Alex on Autos

    326 miles my ass. The MME is far from perfect but at least they are fairly realistic about real world range And not promising a fairy tale.