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  1. cryptk

    FordPass 5.0 for Android EA

    Gotta say, it took a bit longer than I thought for someone to share screenshots of the app that they agreed to not share information about when accepting the beta invite. Almost a whole 24 hours!
  2. cryptk

    ambient lighting change with drive mode

    I wonder if it's a GT only thing now? If so, should be able to enable that option via Forscan somehow And I know it would be very stupid to make this be a GT only option, but then again the power meter on the IPC is at GT only thing...
  3. cryptk

    ambient lighting change with drive mode

    I am very confused as to what you guys are talking about, my car has that option, it's a 2023 GT PE with the refreshed UI (Revision 980). My ambient lights change color with drive mode just fine.
  4. cryptk

    First EA charging experience

    I also did my first electrify America charge the other day! We have an upcoming trip that's about 1.5 hours away, and we are considering taking the Mach-E. I decided to do a fast charge more locally just to see how it all works just in case. Everything was pretty smooth, I activated the charger...
  5. cryptk

    Total miles after reaching full charge

    Just change the clock in your car back to what it used to be and your range will return to normal, easy peasy... documented on page 142 of the owners manual.
  6. cryptk

    Power Up 6.6.0

    Are you in the EAP? Nothing past 6.2.0 has been pushed to non EAP vehicles AFAIK EDIT: It has since been pointed out to me that at least some non-EAP '22 vehicles have 6.4
  7. cryptk

    "Reset your password..." email

    My utility has a similar program, but rather than handling it through the car, they handle it through the EVSE. The only downside there is that when I purchased my EVSE, I had to make sure it was one of the ones on the approved list, I ended up with a Charge Point Home Flex which worked with my...
  8. cryptk

    "Reset your password..." email

    Probably because that is an actual third party use case where you are giving your credentials to a third party. It's not a problem in the case of home assistant, because it's still first party usage as the application is self-hosted.
  9. cryptk

    "Reset your password..." email

    It's not a problem with how many integrations are being used as far as we have been able to tell. It's using more than one concurrently, from different IP addresses. There is some leeway there otherwise you would get banned every time your phone went from your home wifi to it's cellular...
  10. cryptk

    "Reset your password..." email

    When I did it, I just registered a second account just like you would for FordPass, then I shared the vehicle over. Dysfunctionality is available for standard consumers, this is how you would do it if you shared the vehicle with someone else and you both wanted to have FordPass. I just happen to...
  11. cryptk

    "Reset your password..." email

    I can't tell you anything about how the Apple watch widgets were implemented, I don't have an Apple watch and I've never looked into that code base. But I can tell you that there are projects that have used those APIs and ran into issues. I can also tell you that those projects made a few...
  12. cryptk

    "Reset your password..." email

    This is incorrect, Ford has an easily accessible and publicly documented API system. You can sign up for access and read the docs at
  13. cryptk

    My 3 Favorite (Subjective) Things About My Mach E

    1. I think it looks fantastic 2. It's an absolute monster off the line 3. I can take my kids places in it, and they also like point number two Side note, @JDP That's Me in My MachE it looks like I'm super close to you, just over in the Stone Oak area. You should bring your MME to cars and...
  14. cryptk

    Low Tire pressure after 6.1.0

    The weather is cooling down. Colder temperatures will lower the pressure, and this would effect all four tires the same way.
  15. cryptk

    Cleaning interior trim

    I'll second 303 aerospace protectant for maintenance dusting. If you need something a little stronger to take care of a problem area, give Green Star from Koch Chemie a try. For the soft surfaces, Pol Star from Koch Chemie is nice as well.
  16. cryptk

    Consumer Reports updates its driver assist rankings (Blue Cruise still #1)

    Interesting that they chose not to test Tesla FSD and only autopilot.
  17. cryptk

    Nitrogen in your MME tires ?

    Green valve stems indicate a nitrogen filled tire. I have seen valve stems that give you an indication if you're tire is full, but they tend to not work very well for a few reasons, a couple of them are: - they are very cheaply made and they leak. - different vehicles required different tire...
  18. cryptk

    "Reset your password..." email

    I had a similar experience recently. I use a home automation platform called Home Assistant and there is a Ford Pass integration for it. This is all 100% locally run, so I am not giving my credentials to any third party, this is all software being run at my house. On top of that I use two...