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  1. tfitzgex

    New Nokian One Tyres (tires for us yanks)

    Went to my local tire shop after I was informed by the ford dealer at my 60k mile service that they wouldn't rotate the tires because they were down to 3/32nds already. They were my second set of Primacy A/S, I get about 30k out of them.. I am calling Michilin today because I was sold the...
  2. tfitzgex

    YouTube no longer playing full length movies.

    Looks like YouTube has locked down their movies. Or possibly 6.10 is messing with it. Tv episodes play just fine
  3. tfitzgex

    Studded tire recommendations ?

    I'm in the PNW, and the winter is supposed to be wild this year. I have to take my elderly mother places quite often and being in Portland the ice is usually pretty gnarly. I'm looking for studded tires. Would you go for the 19" or go down to a 18" wheel for winter tires? Also is there...
  4. tfitzgex

    Trade in offer from Tesla...

  5. tfitzgex

    60k miles and SOH 94 percent.

    I just rolled over 60k, and the battery is reporting 94% battery health. For the first two years I charged 99.% DCFC.(have since bought a home and installed my evse) 6% drop in two and a half years isn't bad at all, considering how I was charging. The only thing I can think of is that...
  6. tfitzgex

    How long do you plan to keep your Mach-E?

    How long are you going to keep your Mach-E? Since trade in values are plummeting, do you keep it and pay it off or trade it in and get something newer/something else?
  7. tfitzgex

    Dreaded "Service Vehicle Soon" error

    Go a High-Voltage Battery warning this morning on my way to work If it is a HVBJB issue, that would make it the 3rd replacement... The dealer near my work can't look at the car until August 1st, Neither can another nearby dealer. Have an appointment with a different dealer. I'm at...
  8. tfitzgex

    Not a Mach-E but still funny
  9. tfitzgex

    Frustrated... again... (a bit of a rant)

    I want to preface this by saying I thought I had a good working relationship with my service advisor. My 21 Premium is in the shop again for warranty items. The B-pillar cracking issue, Driver's seat cushion, Puddle lamp pony disintegrating, and lastly trim replacement (the piece that needs...
  10. tfitzgex

    car scanner questions

    Silly question,. Why is it showing HVB SOC 95% but the display is 100 and the energy is only 79.38?
  11. tfitzgex

    Electrify America is raising prices!

    Hi Thomas, We truly appreciate you being part of the Electrify America family, and are grateful for all the support you have given us. As part of our commitment to you, we want to make sure we’re transparent about any changes taking place on our network. Beginning March 6, 2023, we’ll be...
  12. tfitzgex

    DCFC and SOC weirdness

    When I dcfc. I usually run it up to about 80 % or so. However I’ve noticed the time to go from 70 to 80 is not the same to go from 80 to 90 I’m not saying it’s slower. I’m saying it’s faster. At a 50kw charger I drop from 43 pre 80 to 32kw pre 90. Yet it takes less time. I’m sure there...
  13. tfitzgex

    Chip shortage causes Volkswagen ID.4 to ship without heat pumps.
  14. tfitzgex

    Mercedes gets approval for Level 3 driving in Nevada
  15. tfitzgex

    2026 refresh wishlist/design changes

    After driving my car for 1.5 years, I am convinced the design choices were made by people with marketing degrees and who had never driven a car... Feel free to add to the list(These are in no particular order) @Ford Motor Company Pay attention. 1. Drive Modes changes: Eco(green color)...
  16. tfitzgex

    Keep getting logged out of Alexa

    It seems to happen every few days. I go to use it and find out I’ve been logged out. This morning it actually said I was being logged out. I know I don’t need it but it has become useful in the car.
  17. tfitzgex

    Damaged underside driving through puddle / water

    Had no choice but to drive through a flooded part of the freeway. Couldn’t slow down fast enough. The side piece of trim had not been installed correctly last time it was in the shop for a hvbjb replacement. The puddle appears to have ripped off the trim. And the shield under the car...
  18. tfitzgex

    Front driver's seat already wearing out....

    I drive a lot, and it doesn't help I'm not a small guy (6'2" 285lbs) the driver's seat is no longer 'decompressing' as it once did. I'm at 29k miles, I would kind of expect the seat cushioning to last a while longer. @Ford Motor Company The seat padding material in the premium is not...