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  1. RonOinAZ

    FordPass 4.31 now available

    Wouldn't they need to give me EA status before they could take it away?
  2. RonOinAZ


    I've found rattles coming from the little springy contacts mounted around the perimeter inside the front cupholders. Mine don't rattle when there's nothing in the cupholder but certain sized water bottles turn those contacts into tap-dancers.
  3. RonOinAZ

    Door dinged, any way to get it out?

    The same thing happened to me. I called the service rep at the dealership where I bought the car and he said their paintless dent repair vendor was there on Tuesdays and Fridays each week. I made an appointment to drop my car off the following Friday. A few hours after dropping it off he called...
  4. RonOinAZ

    Nitrogen in your MME tires ?

    I bought one of these at Harbor Freight and set a reminder in my phone's calendar to check the tires in both cars once each month. I could have gotten by with the 1 gallon version, which is currently on sale.
  5. RonOinAZ

    Ford BlueCruise 1.3 is coming soon

    Soon* *Someday or ostensibly never
  6. RonOinAZ

    Still whining.

    I brought my 2022 Premium 4X to the dealer last month for its annual check-up and at the same time mentioned the whine at 30-38 mph. The tech confirmed the whine and followed TSB 23-2168 to "reduce the noise." As the notes on the repair statement acknowledge, the whine wasn't eliminated, just...
  7. RonOinAZ

    Home charger tax credit

    The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) includes a tax credit for installing a home EV charger, equal to 30% of the total cost including installation, up to $1,000—if you live in a rural or low-income area.
  8. RonOinAZ

    35kWh remaining from Lightning free charging transferred over to my new MME

    A year ago I called Ford through the FordPass app and asked whether or not I'd be able to keep the unused 250KW credit when I traded-in my 2021 MME for a 2022. I was told that I wouldn't; the credit goes to the car rather than the customer. They were right... I didn't get it.
  9. RonOinAZ

    SiriusXM via WiFi

    OK, maybe I'm wrong and it isn't through my home WiFi that the streaming SiriusXM channels are connecting when I'm receiving no satellite signal.
  10. RonOinAZ

    SiriusXM via WiFi

    I've not had mine use home WiFi to stream the broadcast channels without the Sync screen prompting me to allow it to do so. This prompt rarely appears though; typically the radio just goes silent.
  11. RonOinAZ

    SiriusXM via WiFi

    There is a setting on the Sync menu to allow the car's SiriusXM to access streaming-only content. When my car is in the garage and can't receive the SiriusXM broadcast signal, these streaming-only channels work as expected, including when Android Auto isn't connected but my home WiFi is. Under...
  12. RonOinAZ

    SiriusXM via WiFi

    Thanks. Your reply explains my experience exactly. I'd think Ford would have had a better plan.
  13. RonOinAZ

    SiriusXM via WiFi

    Originally, when pulling into the garage, my car might prompt me to allow the SiriusXM radio to use the WiFi connection to continue streaming the station I was listening to. That prompt wasn't consistent; usually, the station would just drop out until the car was outside the garage again. Mine...
  14. RonOinAZ

    Modifications to end nanny-car harassment, nagging & beeping annoyances?

    On Monday, the dealer gave me a 2023 GT as a loaner when I dropped off my 2022 Premium for software updates and tire rotation. I was surprised at how loud the seatbelt reminder is in the 2023. It's significantly more in-your-face than the one in my 2022. I can understand why the OP finds it...
  15. RonOinAZ

    A whole lot of Mach Es going on

    Sunday morning irony.
  16. RonOinAZ

    Error Message: SRS Failed Due Low DTE

    Ford Power-Up update installed early yesterday morning: 23-PU0314-DCM-LAT. (I didn't use the car yesterday.) "SRS Failed Due To Low DTE" message arrived this morning 5 minutes before Departure Time.
  17. RonOinAZ

    BNSF train derailment, Williams, AZ

    The article says that 23 loaded car-carriers were heavily damaged on June 7 in a derailment.
  18. RonOinAZ

    Mach-E Vlog's Blucifer moves from Denver to California (long video)

    The people of Winslow, AZ, would likely appreciate everyone stopping by for the annual "Standing On The Corner" festival in late September:
  19. RonOinAZ

    Ford Quadruples BlueCruise Price to $800/yr for All Renewals

    I don't remember the last time I even used BlueCruise. I enjoy driving the car myself. When I bought the car I figured I'd probably be willing to pay the $600 for a 3-year BC renewal, just on the odd chance I wanted to use it sometimes, but certainly not more than that. Ford doesn't want your...