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  1. SaintPaulMustangMach-E_GT

    A plug-in your car reminder would be helpful

    Okay, admittedly, this is me forgetting. But how often have people forgotten to plug in your Mach-E and found it uncharged in the morning? 🤦‍♂️ Yes, stupid, but I intended to go out again, so I didn't plug it in; plans changed, forgot to do it.... It would be GREAT if you could set something...
  2. SaintPaulMustangMach-E_GT

    PAAK is very slow.

    PAAK is frustrating me with its inconsistency. Sometimes I walk up and press the button and the door opens, sometimes I walk up and nothing happens but after 5 seconds and two tries the door opens. Other times, I have to enter my code because I'm getting frustrated with the slow response and...
  3. SaintPaulMustangMach-E_GT

    FordPass 4.16.0 Available on iOS and Android

    Release notes: Did anyone else get the message about the changes in FordPass 4.16.0? I expected the software would be available instantly, instead, I've seen nothing to indicate that it's been released? Also, should we have a software thread for phone and Car updates? If there is one...
  4. SaintPaulMustangMach-E_GT

    Tomorrow Tomorrow there's always tomorrow...... or Next week, or Next Month The Ford Delivery Nightmare Thread

    Okay, that was an exceptionally long subject line, but I've been pushed off for the 5th or maybe 6th time. For those who have argued that Ford is a car company, not to be confused with Tesla or Amazon who are customer and communications-oriented, I would say all companies need to be...
  5. SaintPaulMustangMach-E_GT

    Poor Communication from Ford

    Has anyone else been given bouncing delivery dates? My GT was supposed to be built on 1/10 then I heard nothing until March 5th. I got a message that said delivery was expected March 18th, then April 15, then back to March 18th, then May 18th. Now the car says it has chips, it was on a chip...
  6. SaintPaulMustangMach-E_GT

    Why aren't Ford dealers required to have fast chargers?

    I'm confused by Ford selling EV's and not at least requiring their dealerships to have fast DC charging stations. I'm nearing delivery of my Mustang Mach-E GT and likely won't be able to make a trip from Saint Paul MN to Green Bay without hours of slow charging. There are tons of Ford dealers...