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  1. AJ47

    Reverse Brake Assist Not Available. See Manual (none of the other threads pertain)

    I have a 2022 Mach-E GTPE and recently brought it back to the dealer for the 12v battery error, front camera fault error and the headlight switch auto headlight not shutting off error. It has less the 18k miles on it and I'm worried its a lemon!. Now, after the dealer applying numerous...
  2. AJ47

    New Tire Suggestions?

    Yes, the all Season 4's, good catch sir. And yah, what a difference these tires make over the stock Pirelli's, ride quality is night and day.
  3. AJ47

    New Tire Suggestions?

    After extensive research I went with Michelin Pilot Sports 4S's. Probably some of the best all season tires one could put on an MME such as with my GTPE up here in the mountains of AZ.
  4. AJ47

    Earned its Stripes

    Damn, so I have a twin!