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  1. Instrument Cluster under warranty?

    As long as there is no physical damage.
  2. Do you carry a charger in your Mach-E?

    Always use it at the cabin with 110v.
  3. Feasibility of Seat Swap

    Drivers side is different color and powers come from battery junction box under the hood. You can check the other inline connectors for the circuit you need but may have to get power from driver seat. This is the driver side.
  4. Feasibility of Seat Swap

    Yes each C is the in-line connector and then pin(terminal). Yes you could use the power from driver seat due to both seats not being adjusted at the same time
  5. Oil Pump Failure / Service Vehicle Soon - Facts and Info (P0C2A/P2796/P2797)

    I understand that but I was just adding that it says that the brake fluid should be replaced at the three year mark.
  6. Feasibility of Seat Swap

    When you look under passenger seat wire connector there needs to be a white/red trace wire on floor harness and a violet/red wire in seat harness for it to work.
  7. What car did you give up for MME??

    2006 Mazda MX-5. Couldn’t have two mid life cars.
  8. New Owner

    Congratulations, I believe you have Star White as Space White has a bit of gray in it.
  9. Electrically Canadian Episode 6 - Brrr

    Yeah a fellow Albertan. Nice video
  10. Vegas Mach-E Cab!

    We have an AMA driver training Mach E in Edmonton, AB.
  11. Jack Pad design available

    Quit teasing us with this design and let us know when we can buy it. Much better than ring design puck that has to be removed whereas this can stay in place.
  12. After new windshield replacement, automatic windshield wiper behaving differently

    Pop the cover off on the inside and make sure the sensor is properly secured to the windshield, may have to bend retainer to get a stronger grip.
  13. Would you go all electric vehicles? What would be your other EV?

    We have a 21 Mach E premium and a 2011 escape hybrid.
  14. Drove Home My New Mach-E Today (Below MSRP!)

    I have the Flo X charger and am very happy with it. It is in a garage but is designed for exterior use and weather conditions.
  15. How long does it take to perform Windshield / Sunroof recall?

    Or they are doing it wrong. Supposed to use wire method for removal as per recall.
  16. Three unknown recalls??

    The third one might be an extension for rear park brake actuator pigtails when needed.