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  1. circatee

    Restarting Waze, via Apple CarPlay

    Over the past week or so, I have noticed that the Waze via CarPlay isn't spot on, on the map. It is almost as if I am a road or two away, from where the car actually is. I have restarted Waze on my mobile device. Alas, the issue seems to persist via Apple CarPlay. The MachE's maps works fine...
  2. circatee

    Anxiety about the HVBJB and 12v battery

    In short, forums in general have both pros and cons. However, I will say, seeing certain threads on this forum, I now have some Mach E anxiety, and often, too. Months ago, when I decided to purchase my Mach E GTPE, I didn't think twice about it. I traded in my Mustang GT PP1, for a 2023 Mach E...
  3. circatee

    Regenerative Braking

    To confirm, regenerative braking works when pressing ‘aggressively’ on the brakes, no? Does it occur any other way?
  4. circatee

    PaaK use, and Fob in the car

    To confirm, it seems that PaaK works well for most, no? Is it wise to have the Fob in the car without the battery inserted, incase one day you cannot start the car? My other question is, if the battery is not in the Fob for quite a while, when it is finally inserted, will it recognise the car...
  5. circatee

    Liquid drip

    In the area behind the front driver wheel, there is often a drip (clear liquid). I notice it when I park, and the air conditioning has been running (which is often, since am in Atlanta, Georgia). Is this drip from the air conditioning unit, i.e., like it does on an ICE car? Thanks PS: I...
  6. circatee

    Emporia cable locked in charging port

    I am still getting used to the Emporia EV charger. Yesterday morning, I went to disconnect the charger from the car, and it was sort of locked. Nothing I did (after pressing down the release lever), would release it from the charge port. After a couple of seconds, the charge rings lights...
  7. circatee

    Blue Cruise Hands on Steering wheel

    When using Blue Cruise, and you get the message, "Hand on the steering wheel", do you need to place your hands somewhere in particular on the steering wheel? All to often, it is almost as if Blue Cruise does not recognize that my hands are on the steering wheel. Hence, my question...
  8. circatee

    Emporia install - NEMA ground up or down?

    Do you own/use an Emporia EV charger, via a NEMA 14 - 50 connection? If so, is your NEMA installed with the ground UP or down? A moment ago I received my Emporia, and was about to set it up. In reading the instructions, it mentions that the NEMA should be installed with the ground down...
  9. circatee

    Light on Door lock/unlock button

    Does the light on each of your door locks, light up? I have one that never lights up. And, often I need to press that particular button multiple times, to get the door to open. Curious, if anyone else has issues with the light on the door lock/unlock button...
  10. circatee

    Do you have a transponder in your car (PeachPass/SunPass)?

    It has been about three weeks now, since I installed my Express Lane transponder. Despite many conversation with PeachPass support, none of my daily use shows as recorded/registered. PeachPass keep telling me there is nothing to worry about (okay!). Alas, my question is, does anyone here have...
  11. circatee

    Daily charging

    From what I understand, it is best to charge to 85% or so. However, if your daily commute is around 20 miles, maximum, is it best to merely charge every other day, but still to 85%, versus doing it daily? Curious on everyone’s opinion…
  12. circatee

    Traffic lights changing and seeing cars on display that are next to you

    My Boss has a Tesla, not sure of the exact model. The Tesla has an option to beep and let you know the traffic lights have changed. Additionally, the main display shows you an image of cars on either side of you, while driving. I do wish the MachE had these features, too. Thoughts...
  13. circatee

    NEMA 14 - 50 charger recommendations

    From my current research, there are wired chargers and chargers that connect to a NEMA 14 - 50 outlet. Curious, what is your recommendation for a charger that connects to a NEMA (not wired)? Hard to tell, but it seems quite a few say the Ford Mobile Charger isn’t reliable. Hence, my question as...
  14. circatee

    Ford charger in NEMA 14 - 50, breaker flips

    I have the Ford mobile charger, that comes with the GTPE, connected to a NEMA 14 - 50. The NEMA 14 - 50 was professionally installed, with a GFCI and such. A few times now, I’ve connected the charger to the car, and the breaker would flip. Curious, any reason why?
  15. circatee

    Mach-E Profile, Fob and PaaK

    Most likely, I am seriously reaching here. But, is there a way that a key fob or PaaK can be connected to a Profile that has been setup in the car? From time to time, I start the car remotely (PaaK or the Fob). Once in the car, and driving, I then start to change radio stations, using the...
  16. circatee

    YOUR default screen

    Just a bit nosey. What is your default screen of choice, when driving your Mach-E? Radio screen, map screen, mobile phone screen, etcetera...
  17. circatee

    Opening the back doors

    I have read the manual, however, I still have questions about the rare passenger doors. A while back I asked about the boot, and why I need to press the button twice sometimes, when trying to open it. So, to confirm if the car is locked, and I want to open the rare passenger doors, I need to...
  18. circatee

    Software updates, manual or automatic?

    Curious, those of you with a Mach-E, do you let the system auto update, or do you search for updates and install them? I know the Mach-E isn't like an iPhone. However, I tend to let my iOS devices update on their own. Alas, I am a little more hesitant to follow the same process with the...
  19. circatee

    Locking the car, using the door lock button

    Is it just me, or is it often a hit and miss, when you press the lock button on the driver door? Honestly, I feel I need to press the thing a few times. Thoughts...
  20. circatee

    Display to show the Map, after an action

    From time to time, I may change the channel am listening to (Sirius XM), via pressing the channel on the display. Often, when I do, I then need to click on the Map icon, to take me back to the map display. Is there a setting/option that will revert the screen to the Map display, after I have...