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  1. AliRafiee

    Congestion Fee

    I think every charging network should charge a high ideal fee. Something like $5 a minute. “Tesla's New Supercharger Congestion Fee Is Ridiculously Expensive”
  2. AliRafiee

    That explains it

    I was wondering why my range was so low. Aerodynamics is all screwed up. 😂 Never mind the oil leak. I’ll get that fixed. I was actually worried a mouse was nesting in it, but the rivet fell off.
  3. AliRafiee

    My range is too low! 😡

    Ok, winter is right around the corner. I anticipate a bunch of new threads on range reduction. Let’s hope everyone uses this one, like the FDRS thread. 😂
  4. AliRafiee

    FordPass car features

    I just noticed, after the car locked itself, that the last update turned off folding mirrors. How cool would it be if we could change actual car settings in the app.
  5. AliRafiee

    Wouldn’t it be cool or hot if …

    The HVAC screen showed where the air is being blown when in auto mode. I often wonder if it is already blowing on the windshield. Having to manually switch is a pain in the ass.
  6. AliRafiee

    Such a slow car!!!

    I swear Ford is using Commodore 64 processors in the car. I think I can make a call to my friend in Japan to turn up his car volume in the time it takes the car to show the volume level indicator on the screen.
  7. AliRafiee

    BC 1.2 at turns

    Ok. So I’ve heard BC 1.2 slows down at turns and won’t require hand on anymore in the turn. But I also heard it slows down way too much. I don’t know what that means. For those that have this feature already, how much does it slow down? What happens if you accelerate when it’s in a turn? Does...
  8. AliRafiee

    At what temperature does the Mach E not lose energy?

    It’s in the 70s and 80s here in Seattle and still 5-10% of my battery usage is because of “Exterior Temperature” I still can’t figure out at what temperature it will be happy.
  9. AliRafiee

    Does Tesla Autopilot handle merging traffic?

    I hate being on the right lane of the highway in BC. The damn car has no idea that a car ahead is about to merge and to give them space. I have to tap on the brake most of the time. For those of you that also have a Tesla: I wonder if Tesla does a better job at that?
  10. AliRafiee

    How do your GTPE seats look after a year ownership

    One of the things that drew me away from the PE were the seats. I wasn’t a big fan of the white on the seats. Just curious how that’s holding up after a year or so of daily use.
  11. AliRafiee

    Drive mode not available - Possible solution

    I got the drive mode not available again today. I started playing with stuff while driving. I don’t know if this was a coincidence or not, but, when I turned traction control off and then on, using the physical button, I was able to select a drive mode again. I don’t know if this would also...
  12. AliRafiee

    Close enough

  13. AliRafiee

    Did anyone else FordPass take a dump?

    My car isn’t showing up anymore. My daughter Focus is there as a F350. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  14. AliRafiee

    Easy fix for seatbelt buckle scratching trim

    I just bought a 23 year old truck and the driver side buckle was on the floor. I realized it was missing the button to hold it up towards the top. Then I realized the button can be used in MME to move the buckle up towards the top higher than the place it sits today, between the seat and trim...
  15. AliRafiee

    What does this do? 🤔

    What does this thing in the headlight do?
  16. AliRafiee

    Tax loophole makes leasing an EV a no-brainer in the US (worth $7,500) [Note: Doesn't apply to Ford vehicles]

    I didn’t know this. “An exemption in the Inflation Reduction Act is worth $7,500 to drivers who lease.”
  17. AliRafiee

    Can I have these features?

    The first one is self explanatory. This one shows the headlights are on and when brake light come on, useful in 1-pedal mode. And why is the distance indicator a damn rectangle. I would have used a chevron or something better looking. Finally, can we make the car in the display the same...