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  1. Illinois Used GTPE Wheels and tires w/ TPMS $1500

    Wheels have no damage, come with TPMS and center caps. These are removed from my 2021 GTPE which I sold last month. Tires have 18,000mi on them and have some life left. One tire had a nail removed and repaired the correct way by discount tire. Tires have some life left in them. Asking $1500 for...
  2. Illinois Sold: WTB Mach- E GT Wheel Aero cover

    Any have a set of aero covers for their stock gt wheels they are looking to get ride off?
  3. Chicago area HVJB repair

    Just got the dreaded service now warning on my GTPE. I was cruising at 70mph on the highway Saturday with no DCFC recently. I am not to hard on the car. I have averaged 3.1kwh/mi since purchasing 7000mi ago Has anyone in the Chicago area had theirs replaced and had a good experience with their...
  4. Illinois Sold: WTB 19" Premium Wheel Take offs In Chicago area

    Looking for any 19" wheel and tire w/ TPMS take off set from a Mach-E. Low Mileage preferred. I'm just south of Chicago and could drive 2hrs or so to pick up. Let me know if you have anything laying around. transaction would be via pay pal goods and services. Thanks!
  5. Used mach-E Purchase Thread

    Figured we should start a Used Purchaser thread so people can share their deals. Used prices are becoming reasonable.
  6. Rear Ended 6 days after purchase

    I think we win for quickest to get hit? Our GTPE was rear ended SIX days into ownership. Damage isn't very bad. Quoted 1200+ for the repairs. Bummer
  7. Illinois WTB Set of Premium Wheels & Tires

    Looking to buy a set of Premium wheels, tires and TPMS. Local pick up would be idea but willing to pay for shipping. Shipping to 60647