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  3. Mach-E Select RWD Bumpy Drive

    And your input into this thread is that you drive on “square” tires.
  4. CarPlay and Inserted USB Device Not Responding

    You all mean Bluetooth and not WiFi.
  5. "Reset your password..." email

    Received same email message. No third party credentials given to anything. Just changed the password. Just remember that the issue is not on the customer giving out the password, but maybe Ford servers were hacked.
  6. The cheese machine gets its stripes

    What? No license plates? Looks good
  7. Extended Warranty

    If you live in our Sanctuary state of California, then you cannot purchase the inexpensive warranties from out of state. Just full price from California dealers.
  8. Two Mach Es (on Bluetooth)

    This is well known to all of us, but great for the refreshing of the information.
  9. Roadtrip: DFW to LV round trip - 2700 Miles - 2021 Job 1 Prem EXT AWD w/Original HVBJB

    “ I was having some range anxiety due to elevation changes” I did not realize that EVs had elevation problems. Could you provide the source for this.
  10. 22 GT powered OFF at 60 mph while driving a mountain road

    Apparently not a problem with Rivian nor Tesla.
  11. 22 GT powered OFF at 60 mph while driving a mountain road

    I would love to do some research on this. Do you have the sources. Apparently this is not the case with Tesla EVs.
  12. How much do you pay for electric at home?

    Here in So Cal 66 cents / kw. After all we are a sanctuary state and have many social obligations to pay for.
  13. Ford, BMW, Honda to Create ChargeScape, a Company Focused On Optimizing Electric Vehicle Grid Services

    The government wants to know WHEN and WHERE you charge to track you and control when you charge ie. you can charge only when there is more renewable energy on the grid (daytime.)
  14. Phone Charger Heat

    Well known problem. Discussed in the past. Here is the fix only for iPhone 14; Ford dealer in Walnut Creek said after download problem persists and Ford Mo Co aware and new design part needed.