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  1. Turtok187

    Earned its Stripes

    Hi Rich, Yes, the AWD on the rear is factory. I have a GT PE especially configured for switzerland, maybe they think we need an AWD emblem to drive up our mountains ;) On the side of my car is the normal "Mach E4-X" emblem
  2. Turtok187

    Earned its Stripes

    we are triplets ;), Grabber Blue with Black Stripes
  3. Turtok187

    Anyone else experiencing any EV hate after getting your Mach E?

    I have had my GT since August 2022. At first, people almost fell over looking at us and I only have positive experiences, the funniest one was a guy who couldn't pronounce Mach-E: "Maschiii", but he was thrilled to finally see a real Mach-E, this was 3 weeks ago :D Well, since we had a power...
  4. Turtok187

    Post here if you have an active FDRS account and are willing to look up info for others

    Hi Mike, Could you please check this VIN number for me? It’s my GT and I dont trust my dealer here in Switzerland. WF0TK4SXXNMA12066