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  1. RonOinAZ

    SiriusXM via WiFi

    Originally, when pulling into the garage, my car might prompt me to allow the SiriusXM radio to use the WiFi connection to continue streaming the station I was listening to. That prompt wasn't consistent; usually, the station would just drop out until the car was outside the garage again. Mine...
  2. RonOinAZ

    BNSF train derailment, Williams, AZ

    The article says that 23 loaded car-carriers were heavily damaged on June 7 in a derailment.
  3. RonOinAZ

    For AZ utility customers - Summer Rates start May 1

    "Summer" rates go into effect at SRP, APS & TEP, on Sunday, May 1. You may want to top off your car's charge before then to save yourself a few cents. Happy motoring...
  4. RonOinAZ

    Arizona Credit For EV Purchase Question

    I placed orders for both a 2021 and a 2022 MME. The 2021 hasn't yet arrived at the dealership and the 2022 hasn't been scheduled for production. The Ford tracking page shows a summary of potential savings for buying an EV and it's showing a difference in AZ between the 2021 order and the 2022...
  5. RonOinAZ

    JuiceBox Charger Systems in stock at SRP Marketplace

    I found this morning that the SRP Marketplace has the JuiceBox 32 (plug-in) and JuiceBox 40 (hardwire & plug-in) back in stock. It's a great deal for qualified buyers. I ordered the JB40 plug-in.
  6. RonOinAZ

    Arizona EV Registration Fee On New EVs Increases on Jan 1, 2022

    For those who aren't aware and are able to affect their purchase date, the first-time registration fee for EVs in Arizona will increase by a factor of 20 after Dec 31, 2021. The cost basis upon which the registration fee is calculated will increase from 1% of MSRP to 20% of MSRP for EVs first...
  7. RonOinAZ

    ChargePoint Home Flex Level 2 charger in stock at SRP

    SRP in AZ has shown the ChargePoint Home Flex Level 2 charger to be out of stock for quite a while. Today, however, I noticed they are available for the customer-discounted price of $449.
  8. RonOinAZ

    Leak Tested By Mother Nature

    The MMEs awaiting shipment outside the Cuautitlán assembly plant will undergo a leak test today thanks to tropical storm Grace.