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  1. SaintPaulMustangMach-E_GT

    Blue Cruise Dangerous Experience!

    My worst experience was the system following the old lines. Blue cruise never disengaged but did change 3 lanes in about 10 seconds. The issue happened as we went through a prior construction zone, new lane lines had bee freshly painted. The old lines had been sand blasted away. Unfortunately...
  2. SaintPaulMustangMach-E_GT

    PowerUp 6.3.0 Released

    6.1-6.2-6.3 Wondering if anyone else notices some issues with preferences being changed? I jumped through these upgrades very quickly in the last 2 weeks. A update happening almost every third day. Along the way my mirrors stopped folding in, I'm not sure what update did it, but it sure...
  3. SaintPaulMustangMach-E_GT

    PPF/Ceramic/etc How Much is Needed?

    2022 mustang GT, doesn't really matter except the color of mine is black and every nick creates a little white dot. My hood is riddled with my attempts to fix the dots. Get a film while your hood is pristine. Maybe it's the color, maybe it's the angle of the Mach-E hood. But I've never had so...
  4. SaintPaulMustangMach-E_GT

    Battery SoH @ 31 months 88k miles

    Whats the app you're using and how do I get it?
  5. SaintPaulMustangMach-E_GT

    [Solved] Odd Audio Issue: Crackling popping from rear passenger door

    Interesting connection to another thread I'm in; they seem connected.
  6. SaintPaulMustangMach-E_GT

    Plug in to Maintain 12V Battery

    I've got the same 12v issue, but it's only shown up once, just last week, right after a software update. Given that, it's likely it's a bug. Ford, are you listening? I drive a minimum of 40 miles per day and charge almost every night. The day that I got the message was after two days (very...
  7. SaintPaulMustangMach-E_GT

    SSM 51696 - Headlamp Switch Replacement - Headlamps Turn On By Themselves When Vehicle Is Off

    A little over one year and 22k miles, and my 2022 GT is starting to fall apart. Rattling noises, tail light falling off, Door Fault service required, and lights that magically change (about seven times in the last year). And a nice but uninformed dealer who says, "We've never seen anything like...
  8. SaintPaulMustangMach-E_GT

    Mach-E now second best selling EV SUV in the US

    Okay let's just think that through a little... Supply and demand. When you can't meet demand why in the world would you try to increase demand? 🤔 Perhaps Ford would increase marketing if they thought it would matter in total sales. But until they can supply more than the current demand, why...
  9. SaintPaulMustangMach-E_GT

    Headlights do not turn off when I turn off and leave car.

    I've seen this multiple times, it just happened again last night. Lights are on full in the garage 20 minutes after I was out of the car. Before you start saying check the light switch, I did, it was set to auto. I went out and turned them off, waited, turned them back to auto, and then after I...
  10. SaintPaulMustangMach-E_GT

    Won’t go when door is ajar

    Started the day after my last update, it be a coincidence?
  11. SaintPaulMustangMach-E_GT

    PowerUp 5.1.1???

    Okay, I have a dumb question; what is: Priority Update 23-PU0110-RAD-PS I got this yesterday and the description says it fixes a bug in the radio presets 😅😆🤣 But is this before 5.1 or after 5.1?
  12. SaintPaulMustangMach-E_GT

    Bluetooth continuously disconnecting while on a call. Samsung Galaxy S21+. Saftey Issue.

    I have a Samsung, and I have the same issue. I had a Galaxy S20 and just recently upgraded to a Galaxy S23 Ultra, same issue with both phones. The problem is not 100% consistent, sometimes your call will act as it should, but 90+% of the time, you will hear the AC blowers lower to allow the call...
  13. SaintPaulMustangMach-E_GT

    Is it safe to charge in Garage?

    100% charge in the garage Minnesota winters. I would warn you to make sure about the placement. I thought the Chargepoint cord was going to reach in either direction (back in or front in) unfortunately the cord was too short. So I'm permanently backing into my garage. The rational was I could...
  14. SaintPaulMustangMach-E_GT

    Ford Power-Up 4.2.2

    I think you're saying for example when the car is moving, for example, they should grey out. That would be consistent with other Ford buttons. It would also be consistent with most cars to have easy access to your truck release :)
  15. SaintPaulMustangMach-E_GT

    Ford Power-Up 4.2.2

    I got 4.2.2 and noticed nothing. But somewhere around 4.1 something disappeared. I can't find the screen button to open the trunk 😞. Feeling really stupid, both frunk and trunk seem hidden, i can'tfind it. Also the owner manual is now unavailable for my model. Someone please send me a screen...
  16. SaintPaulMustangMach-E_GT

    A plug-in your car reminder would be helpful

    Cool, wouldn't I be great if you could set the level for that alert!
  17. SaintPaulMustangMach-E_GT

    A plug-in your car reminder would be helpful

    Interesting, I haven't seen that. Still a time based alert would be more helpful. Getting home doesn't mean you're done for the day, that's not when you need a reminder.
  18. SaintPaulMustangMach-E_GT

    Ford Power-Up 4.2.2

    I'm so happy they are spending time on more games. 🤢 🤮 Please give us a couple of programable quick-function buttons! And why do we need the map taking up 3/4 of the screen when I'm going to work? The maps are GREAT, but I only need them once a month at most. Please allow me to minimize the...