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  1. Susanne76

    Sudden range loss - 2023 Mach E select

    I am in So Cal also and I have a Select AWD. My range is never better than 220 miles on a full charge, 210-215 is more common. This week the range deteriorated to where the GOM was only estimating around 186 miles and I attribute it to the temperature dropping into the 40s at night. There are...
  2. Susanne76

    Do you carry a charger in your Mach-E?

    Short answer - yes, but for a funny reason. The day I bought my car the salesperson was helping me set up everything and I asked to see the charger. They removed it from (I assumed) the cargo area and it was unwrapped with the 240 volt cable attached. They had been charging the car so I just...
  3. Susanne76

    How do you get comfortable in the driver seat?

    I have a Select also and it doesn't have adjustable head rests which caused some discomfort in the seat for me at first. It did take a few weeks of fiddling with all the possible seat adjustments, also I tried a lumbar support pillow. But I've apparently adapted because the car feels perfectly...
  4. Susanne76

    Giving Credit where Credit is due

    Which dealer if you don’t mind sharing?
  5. Susanne76

    Insurance Costs

    $175/mo for the Mach-e in SoCal bundled with home and older ICE car
  6. Susanne76

    CSP 23B50 - Charge Cord Stuck – Reprogram Battery Charge Control Module

    I checked my VIN and it’s on the list - - mine is a November 22 build. Should we contact the dealer or wait for the letter? personally I’d rather have an OTA update than go to the dealer
  7. Susanne76

    Weight Limit Sign seen as Speed Limit

    Yes if you search the forum I seem to recall you will find some harrowing stories of Route signs being recognized as speed limits…
  8. Susanne76

    Connectivity issues, electrical system drain/issues with dealer maintenance

    Hi Sarah any updates on your car? I don't have advice or experience to offer but just curious if they diagnosed the problem.
  9. Susanne76

    22 GT powered OFF at 60 mph while driving a mountain road

    How long had you been driving down the mountain road and was it steep? The reason I ask is because the regen has limitations and cannot be used for an extended period of time without overheating. Just curious what is the correct way to drive downhill to avoid the potential overheating -...
  10. Susanne76

    The EV “Green” Narrative

    I was interested in the Mach-E since I was driving a Ford Edge and had owned a previous Edge and Explorer. They had all been fun and reliable so it seemed like a logical move. I planned to look into it once the "supply chain issues" of prices and the ridiculous unavailability of cars got a...
  11. Susanne76

    How much do you pay for electric at home?

    You are correct on the usage, we have gas heat here and those bills were off the charts around here last winter
  12. Susanne76

    How much do you pay for electric at home?

    Edison actually has such a second meter plan and you receive some kind of “EV Credit” along with the (very) slightly lower rate. I have done the rate plan comparisons they offer and so far that plan doesn’t project a savings for me. My driving has been reduced due to a change in my work schedule...
  13. Susanne76

    How much do you pay for electric at home?

    Here in SoCal there is a very elaborate system with SCE which includes delivery charges, tiers, “baseline allocations” which vary where you live, and then throw in summer and winter. Last bill my average is .3627 per kWh. in other words, a lot. They have a TOU plan but the highest rates kick...
  14. Susanne76

    Disconnected by a Rivan driver at charging station

    Yes, and specifically when you are getting a manicure
  15. Susanne76

    An Electrify America station destroyed two ID.4 batteries on the same day!

    I believe VW offers free charging at EA for the ID4 lease…so they’re in this together unfortunately…
  16. Susanne76

    I propose a Mach E wave or "acknowledgment "

    Or willing SSN not to appear.
  17. Susanne76

    240V/32A NEMA 14 - 50 wall outlet

    Called electricians for quotes before, installed a couple days after I brought the car home.
  18. Susanne76

    "Stop Safely Now" warning & start failure caused by charging system fault

    I’m also in the camp of being a little cautious now about where I go with the car. I haven’t had any problems yet thankfully except one SVS alert early on which upon discussion here might have been caused by incorrect use of the gear shift. What disturbs me is not so much the risk of failure...
  19. Susanne76

    General thoughts on long term reliability for the Mach E

    I voted Above Average.. But I think a big aspect of this as I think someone posted on another thread is the "reliability" of being able to get a problem diagnosed and fixed by the dealership in a reasonable length of time.
  20. Susanne76

    Flat tire question

    Update: thanks all for the comments - everything went smoothly and tire repaired. I had driven over something like a razor or pen knife blade so it was fortunate I didn't drive on it or slice my fingers. We actually backed the MME onto the flatbed in my driveway and I watched pretty carefully...