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  1. HVBJB failure results in less than 50kW DC fast charging

    Was Your MachE produced before or after June ‘22?
  2. Battery SoH @ 31 months 88k miles

    Thanks for the post! Basically at “100%” SOC your useable battery capacity is 82.4 kwh. divide that by SOH 89.5% equals 92kwh useable at full health which is very close to 91kwh. I’ve seen my battery charge up to 92kwh during warmer weather so that makes sense. This suggests that the battery...
  3. At what temperature does the Mach E not lose energy?

    Mine is always around 10% when driving local. Minimal with highway driving. And its in all seasons and temperatures. I think the more regen braking the more energy is used on “ext temp” my guess is to keep the battery temp optimized….
  4. Tracking the HVB State of Health - how much decline is normal?

    same here and I have the same car, and my HVB SOH is already down to 99%, 6500 miles. Frequent WOTs on local street until 20miles above speed limit, then maintain until caught up to traffic. I have only DCFC twice. Usually charge to 90%, but did keep the battery at 95% for a week while I went...
  5. Estimated range is too high!

    nope, never
  6. Estimated range is too high!

    V2V in a MachE? Now I KNOW I have a 2024 or later model
  7. Estimated range is too high!

    Extremely sorry, just cant help it. The “why my GOM so low” posts just keep coming. I thought it would take a pause in the summer but I was wrong 😑
  8. Estimated range is too high!

    I searched the forum thoroughly for this issue, but haven’t seen any answers. I am very concerned that something is wrong. My ‘22 premium AWD ER GOM says 305 miles on a 100% charge! Its a bit warm outside (80-90 degrees). Official EPA range is 277. Did I get the extra-extended battery? Or maybe...
  9. UPDATE 85k!!!! SOH INFO

    Thanks for sharing ! If you are able to pull up the “HvB SOC” and the “energy” or “energy until empty” data, and divide the latter by the former, especially when the battery is around 70 degrees ,you can get an idea of the actual functional capacity of the battery.
  10. UPDATE 85k!!!! SOH INFO

    Download Carscanner app. Its free for like 2 weeks or so then gets really annoying with flashing their paywall logo until you pay $7 for a permanent license
  11. UPDATE 85k!!!! SOH INFO

    Which dealer? morgan hill?
  12. UPDATE 85k!!!! SOH INFO

    Of course! The scanner is actually on sale i think 10% right now. Its super easy to set up and pair with the CarScanner app.
  13. UPDATE 85k!!!! SOH INFO

    You can get a basic OBD2 for $32 which is what i have Veepeak OBDCheck BLE Bluetooth OBD II Scanner Auto Diagnostic Scan Tool for iOS & Android, Bluetooth 4.0 Car Check Engine Light Code Reader
  14. UPDATE 85k!!!! SOH INFO

    Thank you for sharing! Its awesome to see this car going strong after 60+k miles. Are you or @SnBGC able to share any information about your battery health like range and SOH? Thankyou!
  15. 2023 California Route 1 Mach-E Range Test: We could get used to this!

    so it seems the 18in wheels make a huge difference. Has anyone Premium owners switched out their wheels for the CaRt1’s and noticed that difference?
  16. 2023 California Route 1 Mach-E Range Test: We could get used to this!

    Try unbridled. It has given me the best efficiency especially for mostly local driving…both in norcal “winter” (3.1 miles/kwh) and spring (3.5) so far. Premium EX4. Although technically all modes should provide the same efficiency(in a vacuum), I think in whisper mode the prolonged coasting with...
  17. Deal Check: Used 2022 Mach-E AWD Route 1 $53,951

    ‘21 extended ranges are going for mid 40k(check out , i think the OP wants a car with the newer HVBJB So looking at late’22s
  18. Deal Check: Used 2022 Mach-E AWD Route 1 $53,951

    I dont think theres any difference between the ‘22 and ‘23s. i think the price is quite high . Since Msrp new is 56k. window sticker suggests build date is end of june , 2022. you may want to get a certified used vehicle (by Ford) so it comes with a good warranty if purchasing in person, i...
  19. Ford offering $2k rebate on MachEs

    He told me it applies to all NEW Mach Es…i dont think they have many ‘22s. Also the website doenst show all their vehicles (30 or so on their lot currently)