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  1. Bayviews88

    Shift has hit the (bankruptcy) fan

    I know some MachE owners in the 2021 to 2022 era sold their pre-MachE vehicle or 1st MachE when they upgraded to Shift for a good return… Shift Technologies, the Used Car startup plans to file for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and has ceased operations...
  2. Bayviews88

    Turtle mode while stopped?

    This evening I was stopped at an intersection wanting for a green signal with my foot on the brake pedal as I had one pedal driving turned off. Suddenly the MachE started jerking slightly back and forth like it wanted to start rolling. As I’m in California, my first instinct was to look around...
  3. Bayviews88

    MachE Ticking Sound while car is off?

    I am hearing a faint ticking sound coming from behind the glove box when my MachE is parked and turned off. Has anyone else heard this noise? Is this tied to a relay or electronic system component running while the car is turned off? I am very curious as to what this noise is from. Perhaps this...
  4. Bayviews88

    SF Bay Area/NorCal Hitch Install

    I am planning to install a hitch to accommodate a bike rack (and maybe light towing, but of course the MME is not rated for towing in the USA). Anyone have any good experiences with a specific mechanic or U-Haul location in the Bay Area or Northern CA (Sacramento area)? I am in the East Bay, and...
  5. Bayviews88

    Public Agency Mach-Es (non-LEO)

    I’ve seen a number of posts that Mach-Es being used by Law Enforcement Organizations (local/state/federal Police/Public Safety Agencies), but none with Mach-E in civilian public agencies. I will start the thread with ones I have seen in the Bay Area. Here is the first: The Port of Oakland (an...
  6. Bayviews88

    OEM Door Window spec

    My ‘22 CA RT1 was a victim of a smash and grab (except they didn’t grab anything important). The passenger side rear door window was smashed, and I had a local glass shop replace the pane before I went on a road trip. This week I had time to inspect the replacement window and I see that the new...
  7. Bayviews88

    Following the rules…

    When I owned a Chevrolet Volt, there was an unwritten rule that if you saw another Volt, you would park next to each to show solidarity. Today is the first time I have been able to replicate this practice with my MachE! My Select is on the right, the Premium is in the left.
  8. Bayviews88

    Removing a Thinkware U1000 4K front+rear dashcam from MME

    In spring 2022, I had a Thinkware U1000 front and rear dash cam installed by my local dealer into my MY21 Mach-E. I was blessed to be able to get a MY22 Mach-E and would like to remove the camera so I can install it into the my new Mach-E. Ideally, I’d like to DIY so I won’t have to pay a few...
  9. Bayviews88

    Ford Maverick order bank are closing, will the MachE order banks follow suit?

    Just saw this on I know CEO Farley has said MachE production is increasing for MY2023, yet given the number of MY22 orders that haven’t made it into production and the demand from this year’s order bank opening, could we see a situation similar to MY2022 where orders on...
  10. Bayviews88

    EU Mach-E detects roadway construction, but not in the U.S.?

    Check out this video that shows a MachE in adaptive cruise control mode picking up well construction signage and displaying a warning on the instrument panel. I have never seen this on my U.S. MACHE. Anyone know why we don’t have this functionality domestically? I can’t see that the European...
  11. Bayviews88

    Avoid Putnam Ford in San Mateo!

    From another MachEForum member:
  12. Bayviews88

    How many tires fit in a MachE?

    I need to know if four 18” standard Mach E tires on rims will fit inside a MachE? Anyone have experience successfully pulling this off or should I get a truck or large SUV for pickup?
  13. Bayviews88

    Black GT available at Ford Store Morgan Hill (no ADM)

    reposting from the purchasing sub-forum:
  14. Bayviews88

    PDR or Body Shop Repair?

    A couple of weeks ago my MachE was hit by a large rolling cart in a parking lot. The cart hit the drivers side rear quarter panel right on the body line. I’m getting a mix of opinions- some PDR folks say they can take care of it, while others are saying the crowned metal will require a body shop...
  15. Bayviews88

    Buying a MME before 12/31/21 without an order and ADM - Mission Impossible 2021?

    Hey there, As the title notes I'm looking for a MME, almost any MME (probably not a maxed out Premium, but I would gladly take a Select or CA Rt. 1) for purchase before the end of the calendar year and without a dealer markup (or maybe $1-2k). Is this at all possible? So far, dealers I have...