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  1. circatee

    New car arriving tomorrow

    NEMA 14-50 outlet for charger...
  2. circatee

    Restarting Waze, via Apple CarPlay

    Hmm, thanks. And, how does one restart the Sync system? Then again, I can Google that - LOL
  3. circatee

    Restarting Waze, via Apple CarPlay

    Over the past week or so, I have noticed that the Waze via CarPlay isn't spot on, on the map. It is almost as if I am a road or two away, from where the car actually is. I have restarted Waze on my mobile device. Alas, the issue seems to persist via Apple CarPlay. The MachE's maps works fine...
  4. circatee

    Crazy fast new chargers in America

    Honestly, am I the only one that is not a fan of the guy, Kyle? If it wasn't for that, I would have at least watched the video...
  5. circatee

    Tesla model y or 2020 mache GT

    My personal opinion is that you test drive both cars. Then, purchase based on which you prefer. In relation to parallel parking, I honestly suggest merely learning how to do it. Even if that means paying an instructor to show you just that... Honestly, in the UK, if you can't parallel park...
  6. circatee

    Tesla model y or 2020 mache GT

    ...all I have to say is, we Brits rule (Hackney, London). 👊🏾
  7. circatee

    Do you carry a charger in your Mach-E?

    Since I now have the Emporia installed at home, I keep the Ford charger in the boot...
  8. circatee

    Georgia 2023 Mach-E GT Wheels/Tires

    No, no, the ones you put ON the car...
  9. circatee

    Georgia 2023 Mach-E GT Wheels/Tires

    Looks nice! 👊🏾 PS: I am in Kennesaw. Are the tyres that you put on, All Seasons? If so, please share the specs...
  10. circatee

    Anxiety about the HVBJB and 12v battery

    ...perspective! 👊🏾
  11. circatee

    Anxiety about the HVBJB and 12v battery

    In short, forums in general have both pros and cons. However, I will say, seeing certain threads on this forum, I now have some Mach E anxiety, and often, too. Months ago, when I decided to purchase my Mach E GTPE, I didn't think twice about it. I traded in my Mustang GT PP1, for a 2023 Mach E...
  12. circatee

    Soon to be Mach-E owner, tempted to be Model Y owner

    Obviously a personal choice. Alas, I suggest, as others, that you merely test drive both, and then order the car of your choice...
  13. circatee

    Regenerative Braking

    To confirm, regenerative braking works when pressing ‘aggressively’ on the brakes, no? Does it occur any other way?
  14. circatee

    Light on Door lock/unlock button

    My Ford dealer had my car for 3 days, this week, during which time they replaced the locking mechanism on the driver side passenger door. So far, it appears the passenger door now opens with one press, versus 3-5 presses...!
  15. circatee

    Door lock stopped working.

    Honestly, you'd think Ford would have the folding mirrors on, as default when sending an update. Ugh, once again the customer has to take some extra steps...
  16. circatee

    PAAK issue.......I did a search too

    Besides this issue, overall does PaaK work okay for you? Am still on the fence to using it. So many posts about it, I keep putting it off...
  17. circatee

    The cheese machine gets its stripes

    Not a fan of stripes. However, loving the texture to it!
  18. circatee

    Vehicle will charge outside preferred charge time

    Ditto. I get this message, too, and my window is set from 01:00 to 05:00. Typically, my MachE only needs just over an hour or so to charge...
  19. circatee

    Cell Phone Holder Solution

    ...thanks for sharing photos, I was just going to ask someone to share that model holder in a MachE. So, again, thanks!
  20. circatee

    Would you pay for a BlueCruise Subscription?

    I don't do enough motorway driving to warrant subscribing. Additionally, I am not fully vested with the service yet. Alas, that is probably because of the former...